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for Marvelous Web-head

7/17 c2 4ShadowStrike234
Really like the story so far, feels very similar to Spectacular Spider-Man and that's great. Keep up the good work!
7/12 c6 Arnonymous
Great chapter. Looking forward to reading the next one. Hope you update soon!
5/15 c5 Arnonymous
Great chapter! Please update soon, you're a terrific writer
3/26 c3 2spidergwen
Great chapter! Loving Peter and Gwen's dynamic together, they're so cute!
3/14 c1 Chamba5567
I vote for gwen stacy as Peter girlfriend and future wife.
5/24/2019 c1 79TheGreatGodzilla
Between Gwen and Mary Jane, who will become Peter's girlfriend? I vote for Gwen Stacy and

I hope you won't have her killed off. Heck, I hope she might become either Ghost Spider or Venom.

And will the Spider Island arc be part of your story? And do the Avengers and the X-Men existed?
5/24/2019 c1 OBSERVER01 nli
Nice start. Keep up the good work.
5/23/2019 c1 25BAM50
It's a nice start, looking forward for more

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