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for When Two Worlds Collide

1/23 c38 Beatriz B. K
WoW! Please write more of this! I'm looking forward to reading the sequel!
11/14/2020 c37 3FungusDungus000
Well, I finally got around to reading this, and that was AMAZING! I can't wait for the sequel!
9/24/2020 c38 Guest
can't wait for the next season good job.
9/5/2020 c38 dextermed16
Greatest Story Ever!
8/19/2020 c38 Guest
I didn't remember, if I ever had goosebumps reading a story or even a book. You gave Svtfoe a really astonishing End and I'm so so soooo happy I had the opportunity to read it. You made my favorite Series even better. I can not describe, which feeling where flowing through my body while reading. It was like I watched the series itself. Thank you. Thank you so much! And never stop writing. You're so talented. Don't waste your gift. I sure will read the sequels and I'm excited for them.
8/14/2020 c38 Guest
I came in here to get a season 5 and what did I get... Something much MUCH greater and longer that I expected. I am happy to say that you made me satisfied with the ending of svtfoe good job 5 stars. I can't wait to see what is to come see you soon.
7/30/2020 c38 FanfictionReader
Beautiful. I'm excited for the sequel! Gives me something to look forward to, considering I have nothing to do here in quarantine. Thank you so much for writing this. I can't wait for the sequel, it'll uncover some really hidden mewman history. Thank you so much, and have a wonderful day.
7/30/2020 c37 FanfictionReader
i was screaming all the way from the middle to the end. Awesome ending! There are still a few questions yet to be answered, but it was still epic. I can't think of any other words other than awesome, epic and beautiful. You are an amazing writer!
7/28/2020 c4 Ishaan Hans
This was a phenomenal chapter I just love the way you wrote this and it just has a perfect place in my heart thank you for writing this chapter I can’t wait for the other chapters
7/27/2020 c3 Ishaan hans
Your writing was just an absolute delight to read you make the story sound just a perfect sequel to the series and this chapter just is my favourite thank you for giving me this the perfect fiction too help my heart be full with starco moments and I can’t wait for my starco moment Thank you
7/27/2020 c38 3Reishin Amara
This story was wait for more.
7/27/2020 c38 Ironchef13
That was simply beautiful
I only wished meteora could’ve met Skywyyne I bet they’d love each other
On the other hand it would probably be weird to discover your great granddaughter is half monster
Maybe she’ll get along with her great aunt Astroida now that she’s nice now
Anyway, can’t wait for the sequel
7/27/2020 c38 Guest
Omg i thought you never going to continue,you dont now how mach happy im and just want to thank you•ᴗ•
7/26/2020 c38 1XaiGRS
Can't wait for the sequel
7/26/2020 c38 24Ghostwriter434
This was a really amazing fanfic of the post cleaved world. I'm looking forward to the sequel and will definetley follow it when it comes out.
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