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14h c58 Azurom
Very interesting perspective so far
8/24 c33 Guest
Why would daario call him a bastard when he himself is
7/13 c58 2TimeRose
Love this story so much
6/29 c58 1Kriz03
OMG Sooo in love with this story! I have been binging it for the last couple of days after completing Empire of Fire & Ice (which was just another AWESOME story, delivering on the epicness that the show didn't follow through on).
I know you guys are 58 chapters in, but it feels like there's still a way to go till the climax, so I can't wait to see what the future holds for everyone. They are still playing the game of thrones right now, but there is still much to explore, like Bran and what they are up to, Arya's trip to Castle Black and what she may discover, and the ominous Night King and his army still looming about.
I am glad Jon and Daenerys have reunited and are in a good place. Assuming there will be no major hiccups during these peace negotiations, not only will the walls of the Red Keep will have some steamy stories to tell when they can finally be together after being apart for some time ;), but also they will be officially betrothed and free to be more amorous in public. I like all the hinting of Jon's Targaryen heritage through Rheagal's behavior and Measter Aemon's (RIP) vague sayings, so I can't wait till that gets revealed too and all the puzzle pieces fall into place. That surely should help Jon's self-discovery journey. I am also glad that Dany has Missandei in her corner to banish away some of the doubt that can creep in after listening to her other small council members.
I haven't seen Tyrion in a villainous role before, so while I hope he can see the error of his ways before it's too late (perhaps after speaking with Jamie), it is still interesting to see this side of him. Being more of his father's son that is. And now that he's scheming with Baelish, chaos is likely to ensue soon.
Thanks again for deciding to share this story and I appreciate the dedication you guys have put into it over all these years. You have definitely gained a follower and I look forward to seeing another update, however long it takes :)
6/23 c58 Nielsen1984
Well, they'll definitely be having a child soon...maybe even twins. Not sure what'd be in store for them if they didn't have children.
Stannis's child taking the Iron Throne? An interesting concept...
6/20 c40 komarov4544
I don't understand Davos at all, but how does Stannis' daughter leave her to her fate
6/6 c58 3suppes1
Nice update
6/6 c58 daniel.santiago.4545
Good chapter as always!
4/28 c57 Shazamfan
Okay Tyrion is getting in my nerves. He has a narrow view of things and it is going to cause ripples. I just hope he does sink into full show stupidity.

Jon as Hollow Jon or Hollow Wolf from memory loss is dragging me down but that is because you really made the White Wolf a joy to read and epic warrior. I keep hoping Reed will come and give Ion a clue to his past or something that bring more of the White Wolf back out.

And Bran Raven is an Nasty Bastard! I am far more enjoy in that part of the story that the lull that is Ling Landing right now. Still a fun read and waiting for the tide to turn.
4/27 c52 Shazamfan
Okay things are getting strange as hell! Not enjoying Tyrion seeming to acting like moron Tyrion of the show towards Jon. Hope there is a great payoff coming on that one.

And you are evil for making Pod a meat puppet for creepy Bran! Hope Sansa listen to Puppet Pod manner of talk in Bran third person manner.
4/27 c38 Shazamfan

So been reading for a day now and have to say an AMAZING tale so far. You are getting the characters so right even with the alternate world setting.

Enjoying Jon and Dany very well. Can’t see why some annoyed by it. I enjoy expanded world building and long reads. This is nailing it for me and I am on pins and needles for each chapter. Glad Aemon got to feel a dragon.

Also you Bran Three eyed Raven is creepy! Love it!

Now onto more!
4/3 c57 4Supremus85
So, you are playing Tyrion as the villain, here? Peculiar.
3/2 c57 11Haku's Lover18
When I started this story, I could not put it down. I hope you update with more soon! Tyrion is going after Stark and will either get himself killed or many others with him. I would not be surprised if he sends that message to Bronn.
2/23 c57 lyz31
I stumbled upon this story two days ago, and only stopped reading for real life necessities, eyes burning far in the night and very early in day... Never before have I read such a fic, though I read a fare share of them in GOT universe since I, very recently indeed, overcame my disgust with the screenwriters: such an intricate and astonishing creativity, making the whole GOT universe and characters wholly new yet warmly familiar, like someone one used to love, then came to despise, finally coming home keeping all the promises shown in youth then thought broken in a parody of adulthood... English is not my first language, yet I really hope you'll both feel whatever I can't fully express here. Thank you so much for sharing! I'd ask for an outline till the end in case real life keeps you from finishing it, if I didn't so love your word-weaving skills ;)
2/16 c13 Haku's Lover18
I know this is a finished work, but me being a Tudor historian, I need to give you both kudos. I have read your notes on having the leg injury of Stannis be like Henry VIII and this battle the Bosworth field with Henry VII. I am glad that you have kept the historical accuracy of the Tudors within this unrelated story. Thank you both for keeping the Tudor history accurate in your retelling. Henry VIII did have many issues with his leg years after the injury itself. The change within him though was due to his jousting head injury when Anne was pregnant with her second child and that’s when he became the man that history remembers, not the jock and beloved king in his prior youth years with Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn.
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