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for In the Eyes of Death

1/15 c1 Guikoi
Alright. Pretty good. Only two things I feel the need to say are that the MEoDP CANNOT be "turned off". They are permnent. Plus, the eyes don't change, that was just for the animated adaptation, but I'm fine with that as it's cool and let's the audience know when they're actively being "used", which is useful for movies and not a VN.

Another thing is that while Zelretch puts on a "wacky old man" persona sometimes, he's more like Jotaro Kujo in personality. Though, if he was dealing with Peter, and nothing is serious since the timeline won't undergo a pruning from events in the MCU, he may keep his wacky old man persona on.

So, no real criticisms, but just some heads up on some info. Over all, I enjoyed this. A solid 6/10. That means it's above average, in my subjective opinion.
12/15/2020 c1 4JaphetSkie
I wish this is an actual series instead of a one-shot.
5/31/2019 c1 William.B.Kurokami
im gonna say it short (since idk how to fully review an ff)

first, This is cool
sencond, like what peter did to thanos
third, i see what you did in the

that is all..

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