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1/30 c64 3alix33
Minister Fudge, a question: How else should Harry get your freaking ministry to do the right thing, other than to show the press how all of wix Britain, but especiailly your ministry, let him (Harry) down in the worst way?
Whatever it was that made McGonagall finally look after the interests of at least some of her Gryffindors properly: finally! what took you so freaking long?
"eye-opening" needed a hyphen.
1/29 c63 alix33
I love strawberry jam. When I first moved into my flat 23 years ago I used to have toast with strawberry jam for breakfast a couple of times a month.
Yay! at the prospect of Harry telling Remus about his dream. I wondered why Harry would not write to Director Bones too already when he planned to just write to Remus about his dream.
"roller-coasters" needed a hyphen.
You meant "Voldemort had killed director Crouch".
1/29 c62 alix33
You meant "way Director Bones paused".
Canny Remus, Amelia Bones and Rita Skeeter, for how they figured out to pressure Fudge into giving Sirius a trial.
"self-pity" needed a hyphen. As did "soul-searching".
"whoever the fuck" should be three separate words, not four.
I liked the alliteration in "drivelling dimwit".
1/29 c109 1Yaw613
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot. I'm sorry if I'm being rude or annoying you with my reviews; I don't mean to be rude or annoy you with my reviews; I just really like your story a lot.
1/27 c61 3alix33
Yum! at the mental pic and thoughts I got about what everybody ordered for lunch.
"life-threatening" needed a hyphen.
"paperwork" needs to be one word.
You meant "meant to summon Dobby" and "you make it sound so sordid".
1/27 c60 alix33
I agree with Harry about the ghoulish quality to the bequest to him of those two vaults.
And Harry never got his mom's school trunk, with those things his parents felt he needed for school, in it. Very many of my brain cells are now growling in anger at whoever it all was that prevented Harry from getting that trunk and its contents.
"great-grandparents" needed a hyphen.
You meant "the ideas for Harry's".
I want Harry's animagus form to be a smaller breed of dog than Padfoot, to honour his godfather. Or a smaller species of owl than Hedwig, to acknowledge her contribution.
1/27 c59 alix33
AW! at that paragraph where Harry thinks of all teh reasons he's not giving up Hermione that easily.
Hermione asked such a valid question about what happens to the blood, since she and Harry jsut had theirs stolen and used to enter them in the TriWizard (that will live up to this part of its name with all the trios selected) Tournament.
I am pissed-off at how rude Bogknife was to Hermione.
"heads-up" needed a hyphen.
I hope the Gringotts goblins took careful note of how Harry's alleged magical guardian threw him under the bus via that mail redirect.
1/27 c58 alix33
Yay! at Neville offering Harry and Hermione his support.
I love how Dumbles' attempt at a coverup is shot down.
"underprepared" should be one word. As should "reattached".
IMO it was past time that somebody in a position of authority, real authority, spoke harshly to Dumbles.
1/26 c57 alix33
So, long johns or other kinds of thermal underwear is not really a thing yet among magical people (because Hermione and Harry want to buy Ali a warm cloak but no other warm clothing)? Or do they rely more on warming charms?
Yum! at the thought of the fish stew on Hermione's plate and the bouillabaisse in Ali's.
The only reason I ever even know what a triquetra is is because of the 1990s US TV show Charmed.
Since when is "whores" language suitable for use in a school?! Someone put Harry, Hermione and Fleur's names into the goblet and taught the thing to use vile language.
1/25 c56 alix33
You meant "would guide Hermione's form", "idly stroking one of her ears", "danced down the aisles of books", "his parents' death", ".
Yum! at the sound of the things on that canapé table.
"great-great-aunt" needed hyphens throughout. As did "double-headed".
I love the sound of that book Daphne got Hermione.
And I love those sentences Daphne whispered for Hermione's ears only and the reasons she gave Hermione the book.
Yum! at the mental pic I just got of that custom-made and charmed to the nth degree book bag Harry got Hermione.
Poor Auror Moonshine.
"hyperaware" should be one word.
I am so pissed-off at Dumbles for his meddling in Harry's life that I actually hope Madame Maxime would have found him in a well, a nice and deep one, not just found him well.
No, I didn't suspect or think Ali is a witch.
What did the dragon leather boots that Hermione put back look like? Chelsea boots? Doc Marten lace-up boots? Or really racy thigh-high numbers?
1/25 c55 alix33
"detection spells" does not get an apostrophe.
I am so chuffed that Harry and Hermione are going to learn from McGonagall to become animaguses.
That it throws a spanner into Dumbles's efforts to get Harry back under his (Dumbles') alleged influence is a humongous bonus.
1/24 c54 alix33
I watched The Lion King in the cinema when it came out in 1994. Then, some months after seeing Lion King in the cinema, I got my my first-ever full-time paid job: as a sales assistant in a big branch of CNA, a South African chain of stationers, in a shopping centre just over six miles away from my parents' house. I still lived with my parents then as I was halfway through my postgraduate degree at the uni where my mom worked as a librarian. Part of my job was doing the weekly stock count. I had to count so many Lion King-themed colouring books each week that I quickly grew heartily sick of anything at all to do with that movie.
You meant "hung around the Grangers' home", "to the Grangers' sitting room", "for the cat's lunch" and "he would get even less peace than he did now".
'feel-good" needed a hyphen. As does "time-honoured".
Hey there, boa constrictor! Sorry that Harry couldn't free you again!
1/24 c53 alix33
"remeasured" does not need a hyphen. Nor does "upmarket".
I like the alliteration in "well-dressed witch" and "willing wizard".
You meant "with a bag of sweets from Honeydukes".
Yay! for Harry asking Hermione to be his date to the ball well in advance.
"bookshelves" should be one word.
What do the students at Hogwarts do with school robes they outgrew? Is there a second-hand robe exchange at the school for the poorer students that we never got told of in canon?
1/24 c52 alix33
EW! I dislike rum and raisin ice cream vehemently.
I have brain cells swearing so freaking hard and using the worst swear words I know at alleged auror Dawlish and at Dumbles right now for what they just did to Emma.
You meant "As long as the Grangers are OK", "
IMO Harry would rather die than ever again come within very many miles of your alleged influence, Dumbles.
"full-time" needed a hyphen.
"checkups" should be one word.
1/24 c51 alix33
You meant "writing that barely passes for a langauge", "sat at the Grangers' dinner table" and "sell Harry's wand rings for".
That strawberry clotted cream ice cream sounds delicious, evne though I don't like strawberry-flavoured things very much.
"overbalanced" should be one word. As should "countersigning".
I loved the impromptu business studies lesson prof McGonagall gave Harry there in Garrick Ollivander's shop.
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