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for The Best Laid Plans

2h c114 agentinfinity
Nice work on Umbridge!
5/13 c68 agentinfinity
Please please please tell me Umbridge suffer a horrible anything!
5/10 c143 Guest
muhahaha I love it! keep up the good work.
5/12 c143 cameron1812
Love the pissing contest with the head auror:)
5/11 c1 Tuckersdad
great stroy . i hope that you continue it
5/9 c45 agentinfinity
I'm liking your story and I think you are doing fantastic work here!
Remember I said that, because I'm not a proctologist and you're not Mel Brooks;

Albus, Umbridge, Snape, Malfoy and Malfoy lite...
I've probably missed someone.

Look, keep up the great work here
5/9 c143 3alix33
You spelled Tom Riddle junior's followers' name as "death eaters" and "Deatheaters" in the same two consecutive paragraphs. Should you not pick one spelling for the name and use it consistently?
Well done, Harry, for your deal with the Gringotts goblins.
5/9 c143 4Odie-San
As always, this chapter is awesome. Showing that even some Aurors suffer from "blood-superiority complex", and the goblins willingness to help (and make a few galeons to boot)... great writing, Sir.
5/8 c143 csheila
A fun chapter. Lots of politics and the personal
5/8 c143 3Hudy Leak613
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much.I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
5/4 c78 Adriaan De Belge

in French "surprendre" is the verb, in english: "to surprise"
the french noun "surprise" is exactly translated by the english word "surprise", both words the same in writing and

Wbr, Adriaan
5/1 c13 Adriaan De Belge
Sorry to say that there are quite some spell errors.

The first couple of sentences:
- ok question answerED...
- Amelia was oBLIVIAted...
- Without the picTURE...

- and after a few uneSCAPABLE PLEASANTRIES they all sat in silence...
- tuck in, the food described in the feast: platers should be platters...
- this time Harry FELDED (?) the response
Spell check only works if the words are effectively wrongly spelled. However if the wrongly spelled word exists in itself, spell check will ignore this, as it does not check meanings in context...

Good luck...
5/2 c9 tajarim
The authors notes clearly show how very very VERY important a beta reader / editor is. Without one this fiction would be completely unreadable.
4/30 c5 agentinfinity
Prawns on pizza? Really? That's a thing? Never tried it. Sounds interesting. Also pineapple on pizza rocks! Great story so far! Keep it up!
Prawns on pizza.
Will wonders never cease
4/30 c142 death390
Oh good let it have been dwalish he needs comeuppance
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