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for The Best Laid Plans

1/21 c3 8priscilla.myers
omg Hedwig! I'm literally clenching my mouth with my hand right now omg it's midnight and I just wanted something light to read but damn I'm gonna be up all night now thank you lol ONWARDS!
1/19 c81 10Rosebloom20
I still love this story. Good job and keep up the good work.
1/19 c11 14Freddie Rindklip
Currently at Chapter 11 and am loving how the fic is going.
1/16 c68 BrewstrMcl
I tried! I read clear thru chapter 67 thinking that this world that the author has conjured up might make a little bit of sense. However, with an insane Bella able to access the premier magical British school, the top law enforcement official (Bones) able to be have her memory altered without anyone, (including herself) noticing, a student using an unforgivable pain curse and the authorities accepting that he was under an Imperius? I could probably go on and on about this being a vision of hell but my opinion doesn't really matter. I agree the author is free to let his or her imagination run in whatever direction they want. I however am free to quit reading this and I choose to do so now
1/16 c81 szabo.alexandra1991
amazing chapter, I finally had time to read it! I am curious about the second part of the trial. great job thanks for the update. Virtual hug!
1/14 c81 Mikeblade
it's magical britains only law enforcement group they only have one.
1/14 c67 Mikeblade
guess snape is a dunderhead because he keeps trying to give people detentions that can't be given detentions due to the tri wizard rules yet he keeps trying must be brain dead.
1/14 c65 Mikeblade
you seem to forget the champions do not have to serve detentions it's in the damn tri wizard rules so why keep trying to give them to them
1/14 c70 archangelazraelson
trying to find the post on Patreon isn't working did they remove it?
1/13 c81 Cateagle
"whole and unmarred"? I have to wonder what psychoactive substance Dumbledore is abusing to believe that; more like it's another if his mis-directing statements. I do hope he really gets it put to him as the trial moves on.
1/13 c81 nightwing27
this almost like that other nako story that stupid story where that fat toad took over and use her lacky percy to destory harry good thing they fail
1/12 c72 Guest
Does Dan play golf? Have Hermione put a proximity charm on the golf balls in a box and set one of them to vibrate in his pocket when he gets close to one he can't find. It would work for me, let me tell you
1/12 c71 Guest
There is a more fundamental for Dumbledor's seeing himself as a good human being. Go check the psychological records of most any prison you want. At least 95% of the prisoners incarcerated in the U.S. prison system consider themself wrongly convicted or incarcerated, They refuse to accept any guilt for their crimes. They put themselves through what we would consider backbreaking contortions to blame their environment, upbringing, deception by others, or my personal favorite - Flip Wilsons's comody line - "The Devil made me do it." If you have studied any sort of criminal behavior Dumbledor's "For the greater good" has ALWAYS been the bad guys defense from Adolph Hitler to the local pick pocket thief. Don't think you need to explain his rationalization processes. It's a waste of time.
1/12 c81 Jedi SteelWolf
Oh my goodness, that was tense! The arrogance of Dumbledore is staggering, and I can only imagine it will get much worse before the end of the trial. Are you going to have Sirius ask Harry to show the Wizengamot his scars on his back to show that Harry did not infact return to the Wix world "whole and unmarred?" It may make more of an impact than pictures. Perhaps Harry feels that Dumbledore is winning on that particular count and shows his back without prompting? (Side note, it would be poetically perfect if he does get thrown in Azkaban after he took the potion to turn him 10 years younger!) Anyway, thanks again for a thrilling chapter and I can't wait to read more!
1/12 c81 Guest
fuck off there going to examine each complaint boy you sure do milk chapters out of this story
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