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for The Best Laid Plans

5/20 c64 2ThatGayNerd
Dang I didn't realize I finished what was posted for this story till I went to go to the next chapter and found there wasn't one. I'm disappointed b/c this story is so cool! I love AU's that
5/20 c6 ZerefAkuma
I like the world building your doing keep up the good work
5/19 c64 Cateagle
*snicker* That has to be a shock for Rita, but then she's not dealing with the kind of folks she's used to. I reckon Minerva McGonagall is finding these new situations "interesting". too. I have to wonder how her standing up to Dumbledore is going to affect matters going forward.
5/19 c64 Mult1verseTravl3r
can't find you on patreon
5/19 c64 3jdboss1
I know people do it A lot on here mightt be an American thing not sure
but I've never call my dentist ( and I live in the UK) A doctor
the only call them A denttist

I really like Fudge Point of view seen
so many storiies act like the government has endless wealth and think they can just Fund anything I'm pleased to see realistic financial concerns

It would be funny to see Fudge Trying to sell tri-Wizaard merchandise seen
Or charge the childrren to watch the events/Public
5/19 c64 Pteaset
So good
5/17 c35 Dudamoos
This is a very good story so far. I've had to do some work to translate misspellings, homophones, etc. but that's been improving and the story is worth the effort. The extra notes translating British-isms to American-isms are also helpful.

P.S. It appears that chapter 35 got garbled when you tried to update it, so I had to go read it on AO3. I'd appreciate if you fixed it.
5/15 c15 1blueycat
Referring Malfoy as ferret in her letter? This is the third year. The ferret incident has not happened yet...
5/12 c63 healeroffates
Great Job! Keep up the good work!
5/9 c45 Purpleeater54
As of chapter 45 this fanfic has so far been entertaining, but I'm very conflicted after this chapter. I hate, hate how you are handling the Draco thing. Like, have Harry grow a spine and blast him through a wall. I don't know where this story is going to go, but you've taken a long road to get to the same point in canon and all that's happened is Harry gets tortured, multiple times, and lestrange is free. There are zero consequences for the villains in this. I hate the trope that happens all too often in fanfiction where you make changes to the protagonist (make them more driven, make them more powerful, change circumstances to put them in a better home life) but somehow those "good changes" wind up somehow worse than in canon. Why? you have a kid cast a freaking torture curse on a student and all the adults are like shrug guess we can't do anything? have the other teachers revolt. Have consequences. Have some balance against the constant crap storm that you pile on Harry and the "heroes" of this story. And you have Harry constantly getting beat by lestrange and he doesn't do anything about it. I know its a common trope but Idk, I'd be pretty freaking motivated to train myself better. You have him knowing about the room of requirements 2 years earlier but all he's used it for is dates. Come on. Give the heroes something. It's so tiring.
5/7 c63 Pteaset
So good
5/7 c29 Guest
no the wizarding world would come down on them even harder then people would in the muggle world after all 2 girls can not have babies together witch would mean there house's would die out
5/7 c29 Guest
of course there parents would not approve hard to make sure there house's live on when they can't have kids together because there both female
5/7 c28 Guest
it is not a endangered species because it does not exist in the first place.
5/6 c62 3jdboss1
Been a bit busy recently and miss this update
Only noticed update when 63 Arrived In inbox

Homosexuality in HP
It's not a dig against you it's a dig against all fanfics Writers
I feel so many people try in place modern day morality and the Wizard world that's feel sentries behind the times and a lot lot more conservative

I wouldn't have expected the gay rights movement to have affected the Wizard Community and I would expect it would be incredibly frowned upon at best

So many stories just have it that Wizards Britain Treat homosexuality a bit like 21st-century Britain
And the first time I'm having a bit of a Rant about it
(I'm not saying homosexuality is good or bad I'm discussing how I believe wizards would have seen it)

I like the idea that the magical bond can affect sexuality for at least lead people in the direction they would normally think And it would be interesting to read some level of having to get used to the idea of being uncomfortable (And having to tell the world for the community that they both wives not All equally Lovers)

Overall an excellent chapter
however I would that the director a bit more ruder to illustrate the fact her time is precious and Harry Potter and friends can't just impose himself on her (She is an important person) Even if they do have top-secret information together had expected some level of ( get on with it/stop wasting my time/ you can never appointment next week I'm busy
standard crap you'd get from any government official ( secretary)
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