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11/3 c76 Guest
really no malfoy yelling about how he is going to be lord black weird thats a first
10/25 c1 szabo.alexandra1991
thank you for the update! Virtual hug!
10/23 c1 DeathCrawler
did i remember wrong or didn't harry give a chess set last Xmes when they sneaked the magical gifts in their rooms
10/23 c75 redroajs1
ARIGATOU! Thanks for the chapter and this amazing story! Just binged read this, and it is one of the best stories I've read. The characters just feel so alive! Excellent work. I hope that you have an absolutely wonderful week ahead mate!
10/21 c75 5Blue Luver5000
Great chapter
10/21 c75 7DrWandel
I like the description of what one might call a 'bonding triangle' between Harry, Hermione and Fleur. On the other side, I fully understand Ms Richards' concern. But, of course, things work in a different way in the magic world.

I also have to smile when I read about Harry paying for the tree in 'galleons'. In my mind, a 'galleon' is a medieval ship, like the Spanish used to transport riches from the New World home.

And finally I have to be reminded that the British do open Christmas gifts in the morning of Dec. 25th rather than Christmas Eve, as we Germans do. In Germany, it is a tradition to go to church in the afternoon or early evening of December 24th and open the presents afterwards when you are back home.
10/21 c31 shade656
All the wiki’s say it’s on the 7th floor. That is were I got my information from, but on further research I found that you are right. The Gryffindor common room is likely located on the sixth floor. In The Order of the Phoenix chapter 18 Dumbledore’s Army it states that: Harry, Hermione, and Ron (from the Gryffindor common room) had to go up to reach the 7th floor were, the Room of Requirement is located. I apologize for my inaccurate comment.
10/20 c1 2Rashio
What are you talking about? They leave Hogwarts during the third week of June and come back on September 1st. In what universe is that 6 weeks?
10/20 c75 5Jerrend
Lol sega games for super nintendo how sad T.T
10/19 c16 shade656
The Gryffindor common room is on the 7th floor, the same floor as the Room of Requirement.
10/19 c74 4BROMBROS
look forward to to where this story moves forward
10/18 c63 BROMBROS
nagini in Cannon it's female
10/16 c31 BROMBROS
Hermione gotten back from her second detention with her Head of Year? Professor McGonagall is Head of House.
10/15 c74 WildOnionTops
Loved the update. Would have like to see more Harry Fleur Hermione interaction though
10/11 c71 RonRR
"...helps you understand how Dumbledore can know about Harry's home life and still see himself as a good man..."

Abusers everywhere justify their actions with "it was for their own good", "they had it coming", "they asked for it". Very very few see them selves as monsters.

It doesn't change the fact that they and Dumbledore are evil monsters.

Thank you for writing,

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