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10/15 c74 WildOnionTops
Loved the update. Would have like to see more Harry Fleur Hermione interaction though
10/11 c71 RonRR
"...helps you understand how Dumbledore can know about Harry's home life and still see himself as a good man..."

Abusers everywhere justify their actions with "it was for their own good", "they had it coming", "they asked for it". Very very few see them selves as monsters.

It doesn't change the fact that they and Dumbledore are evil monsters.

Thank you for writing,

10/11 c74 szabo.alexandra1991
great I loved Sirius's speech in front of the witenagemot and I hope Dumbledore and everyone else will be held accountable for their actions. great chapter. Virtual hug!
10/10 c68 RonRR
Why does Umbridge go after Harry for his ring in an attempt to disqualify him even after he uses the "water bomb" ?

The ring is not only named after him, it is a minor item readily available at Ollivander's and apparently quite well known by now. She calls the rings enchanted objects specifically even though she thinks they are a focus. Why she would think of focus first instead of the the wand summoning rings is also confusing as their has been no precious mention of rings as foci.

The "water bomb" is a complete unknown and obviously an enchanted object of some sort. One so powerful it fills the entire arena with water to a depth of 15 feet. It also made the task easy to finish. Why is this not the item she freaks out over? It is 'obviously' not something they could have made (even though Harry did) as it appears very very powerful. Getting them DQ'd for such a powerful item should be much easier than something as minor as the rings.

The "water bomb" was an obvious item use with very major and visible effects. Harry summons his wand just after the entire arena was filled with water and things are swirling around and there is total chaos. Why was the summoning even noticed in all that sudden, massive, confusion?

As always, thank you for writing,

10/9 c61 RonRR
A minor set of paired mistakes. You have Hermione teamed up with herself instead of Fleur. You have Fleur teamed up with herself instead of with Hermione.

There is nothing in the bonds test indicating any other sort of connection other than team mates between Hermione and Fleur. However, in a chapter or two from now, you indicate the Fleur developed a sudden interest in girls that she believes is related to the bonds. This interest also corresponds with the beginnings of the bond between Harry and Hermione. Since an interest in girls is not required of her bond with Harry, there must be something between her and Hermione that is strong enough to trigger this interest. Hermione is also stated as having suddenly realized she is interest in girls too. Its onset is similar in its timing and similarly not required of her forming bond with Harry. Should whatever is influencing them not have shown up on the bonds test?

Thank you for writing,

10/7 c45 RonRR
"...1400 students...about 200 students a year at Hogwarts..."

The only problem with using this number is who are they and where are they? If there are 50 students (roughly) in Harry's year in Gryffindor, where are the other 20 boys (approx.) that should be in his dorm? Where are the rest of the girls who should be in Hermione's? There would be 350 students in the common room, it would need to be the size of a school gymnasium or auditorium.
Each joint class would have 100 students again necessitating large classrooms. No wonder teachers like Snape who teach all the students thought 5th year are the way they are, lacking. With over 1000 pieces of homework to mark every week and in his case over 1000 potions to grade from each class, they must never sleep.

Making arbitrary and unnecessary changes to canon can have extremely far reaching consequences and make a world that already makes little sense become outright nonsense.

Thank you for writing,

10/6 c74 5Blue Luver5000
Great chapter
10/6 c61 MEEEEEEP
I really need to mention how much I ADORE Rita in your story. She sounds positively ruthless and I love that Harry and Hermione are working with her.
10/6 c55 MEEEEEEP
I really, REALLY, RRREEEEAAAALLLLYYYY hope that’s the real mad eye teaching them. You’ve shown that you’re not afraid to deviate from cannon and honestly, the real mad eye teaching them would be a good twist for a fanfiction.
10/6 c53 MEEEEEEP
Oooh. I couldn’t imagine your Harry being okay with not being part of his child’s life. And if Harry wants to be a part of the child’s life, then I don’t see Hermione not being involved as well. With the third person supposedly being with the two, future heir Greengrass could have 5 parents LOL
10/6 c44 MEEEEEP

The last few chapters were EXHILIRATING! I am deliriously thankfull that i have found this story well beyond this point in the story; your style just makes your audience tremble with anticipation and it would have been pure agony to wait for the next chapter to drop. Kudos to you!

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Hope you are keeping safe and well.
10/6 c1 11ShadowKing042
You have some spelling mistakes in your AN and the stripe of fur is a little odd.
10/5 c11 MEEEEEEP
Goodness that scene with Neville when he said, “sometimes” had my skin erupt in goosebumps. That whole scene at lunch was wonderfully written.

Thank you so much for writing this.
10/4 c35 RonRR
Major editing problem in the library scene with Daphne and Tracy combined with the first Harry, Neville, whomping willow scene. The two have become intermixed. Possible a cut and paste error. It makes reading it as is very very difficult.

Thank you for writing,

10/3 c24 RonRR
While you may not be aware of it, the suggestion of Roberta 'Berti' Richardson is from "Vox Corporis" by MissAnnThropic, one of the earliest Harry Potter fanfictions and features a harmony pairing. She is Hermione's maternal grandmother in that story. I am guessing that Barmy-old-Codger suggested it to pay an homage to that story. It is one of my favourites.

Thank you for writing,

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