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9/22 c19 Guest
9/22 c73 cassnova5424
god i loved this, easily one of my top 5 fav HP fics
9/10 c72 szabo.alexandra1991
it was a great chapter thanks for the update. Virtual hug!
9/10 c72 7DrWandel
"Life was simpler when he was flying" - I like that. It's like the statement in a German song:
"Über den Wolken muss die Freiheit wohl grenzenlos sein" (Above the clouds liberty has no bounds). It must be really nice to be able to fly, and at least in dreams and fictional stories we can have that.

Also, about the typical full English breakfast. I have tried that a few times, but it really is too much for me, specifically including the sausage part. On the other hand, I wonder if casting magic burns a lot of calories?

And finally, about Christmas shopping for the dentists: I wonder if some gifted wizard might be able to come up with a drill operating on its own, or a pocket X-Ray replacement? If Dan and Emma prefer to get gifts not related to their profession, one should alway be able to find nicely crafted small decorations to display on the Christmas tree. I don't recall what kind of hobbies they have, but gifts related to one's hobby is also an option.
9/10 c1 Rahmota
Interesting concept. Not bad.
9/9 c72 5Blue Luver5000
Great chapter
9/8 c72 blcoachmac
How about a heavily awarded Range Rover for protection?
9/1 c56 2LHQuakeAOS
I got myself a cookie
8/31 c3 Guest
Seems like a lot of stations of fannon here. I could never get the fascination people seem to have with with exaggerated torture of young adult protagonists. The source material is one thing, And mostly played for laughs, but fanfic writers like to inflict almost christ-like suffering on their main characters. Many characters seem to have been flanderized in this story, with little narrative purpose. If a character is suddenly changed from the source material there should be at least some narrative reason for their divergence. Otherwise its poor characterization simply to shoehorn in the story beats the author wants to hit. I don't mind differences from cannon, that's what fanfiction is for honestly. But, in order to do justice to a setting and it's characters, one must explain or address the divergence and the consequences thereof.
8/29 c71 3Nydelok
I would love to solve your riddle, but I’m completely shit at riddles. However I’ll be honorable and not cheat. Really great Chapter, and I can’t wait for the next one!
8/25 c71 Cateagle
Damn, Dumbledore is not going to enjoy that article and the fallout from it. I rather suspect he's in for more damage as this year goes on.

For some reason, "Night" strikes me as at least part of the answer to that riddle. I'll not look it up and wait to be informed.
8/25 c71 RicFule
Some sort of water? Rivers and streams run, don't know how Lifeless cripple fits, though. But the waging war part, the sun is always evaporating water, which then condenses back into water, so neither actually "wins" the battle. "Always drawn" could be how you draw water from a well, and of course, water, by it's very nature can never be dry. "Feast on earth", well water erodes earth, slowly, over a great period of time. And "born in sky" could be rain.

So, they will need to fill the empty drawer with water, and then shut it. Which should, in turn, open the chest. If the riddle wasn't already inside the chest and the puzzle didn't open it.
8/25 c71 5Blue Luver5000
Great chapter
8/25 c71 Stormbow
I am pretty sure I figured out the riddle - the last two lines, with "never dry" and "I feast on earth" were the keys for me.

I'm certainly enjoying the story. I like seeing with family that supports him, and he has more family than most here.

Thanks again!
8/25 c71 1DanelerH
I want to say clouds, but I can only relate them to three lines. Even then, it's shaky.

Who always Waging war against the sun
Clouds covering the sun could be considered a "war". Initially, I was thinking the moon or night, but clouds seem to fit better.

A Lifeless cripple who likes to run
This is the line I have no idea about.

always drawn, never dry
Considering clouds are essentially water, they are never dry. I can't recall, but I think I've heard the word drawn refer to clouds before.

I Feast on earth, born in sky
The water on earth evaporates, forming the clouds in the sky.
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