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for The Best Laid Plans

7/30/2021 c60 Toffeecat15
If youre still taking suggestions for Harry's Animagus form then maybe a bird of prey or some sort of Jungle Feline (not a Lionas a less serious suggestion how about some sort of canine
7/30/2021 c69 3jdboss1
I really could not believe how boring a court was
I watched One live on YouTube Even at two-time speed on a really interesting case it was incredibly boring

I'm really pleased to see broken down all of the charges
So many stories and they do have a trial just have the one charge

My only concern is for storytelling/movies purposes
a fantasised court is much more enjoyable and I would have thought with magic and with hundreds of years of uninterrupted continuous government Magicaal putting courts might have had something a bit more awesome
7/29/2021 c3 13stevem1
If I have a critique with this chapter (more a quibble) is that Hedwig is a Snowy Owl, an apex predator. They, and their cousins, the Horned Owl, would absolutely dominant (and they do prey on) small dogs (20 lbs or less). Bulldogs are bigger (50 lbs or so for large males) so it would be a fight, but Ripper would have been just as shredded as Hedwig. Don’t mess with large owls, they’ve been known to attack people (but only if provoked or guarding a nest).
7/28/2021 c69 5Blue Luver5000
Great chapter
7/28/2021 c4 Michael Morningstar
While I agree that Hermione isn't a reaction based character and would be better in places where she can lead the charge to say but in this situation where she is comforting someone who has obviously been physically abused it's kinda essential that she be reactive instead of proactive because she has to wait for harry to answer, feel comfortable and even wait for a good time to approach the subject in general so while it does kind of go against her character it can be forgiven and even done to act as a learning experience to calm her impulsive attitude so in my opinion you handled it well
7/28/2021 c69 5Jerrend
God dammit always emotional when sirius is set free T.T
7/28/2021 c69 Cateagle
Very nicely done and the trial was nicely handled between covering the necessary parts of the trial and alluding to the rest (I've had jury duty more than once, I know whereof you speak).
7/28/2021 c69 Pteaset
So good
7/28/2021 c69 Pteaset
So good
7/27/2021 c68 Gazuzin
Great insight on Harry's mind
7/22/2021 c7 Jack1nTheBox
Oh, it's one of those kinds of fics... not sure if I'm down for that but we'll see. the "evil overlord" type of bumbles ain't usually for me.
7/20/2021 c11 Haji the Monster
wow what a piece of crap Neville is. i have to stop reading this before i vomit.
7/20/2021 c3 Haji the Monster
just have to say, the end of this chapter was shit. Complete and utter shit.
7/17/2021 c68 szabo.alexandra1991
an amazing chapter thank you for the update. Virtual hug!
7/15/2021 c68 5Blue Luver5000
Great chapter
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