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7/6 c22 4writingf0rfun
O. M. G. This is so beautifully written. I cried when Maddy was sad... Well, actually, I almost cried, but couldn't because I'm sitting at the kitchen counter and my family is in the room... And I cheered for Maddy when things were going her way. I felt all the pain, grief, anger, sadness, happiness, and joy she felt. I loved every second I was reading this, it made an impact on me, and I hope anyone esle who reads this feels the same way!
5/23 c11 Fluffy-Experiment
No Maddy you are not supposed to forgive her so easily! She kidnapped you because she didn’t like your new friends and she freaking pretended you didn’t exist. Make her work for your forgiveness for heaven’s sake
1/21 c11 1Crystalline Amore
I'm confused... They gave her Harry's gloves and all of a sudden she's willing to forgive them even though they're the reason she can't see him? I'm confused
4/29/2020 c14 12cicibunbuns
There’s more Hades in her than anyone thought! That fire is actual fire!
12/12/2019 c22 X Blue Eyed Demon X
Omg love it!
8/18/2019 c22 magiaUn
I finished this story in literally a day! Thank you so much for sharing this gem with it’s really one of the most heart warming ffs I’ve ever read! I absolutely fell in love with Maddy and I’m kinda sad to see her story end. Maybe one day you can bless us with a story full of drabbles of Maddy’s life after descendants 3? Just a thought~ Either way, thank you again for this incredible story!
8/16/2019 c22 12AmethystDragon14
Apologizes for my absence in reviews but I saw your note about including D3 and I hadn't seen it until last night.
Anyway. Great story! I hope to see more form you :)
8/9/2019 c22 BibleQuizForever
I love! I love! I love! I'm really sad to see it is over, but it was so so so so so good. Thank you for both Harry and Hades pov! They were awesome!
8/7/2019 c14 Guest
I just started this story today and was thoroughly shocked to learned that you had three new chapters this morning. It is so so so good. I am really enjoying it! Though I do have one tiny request. The next time Hades is there, can we have a bit more from his point of view? I just feel like it would be really cool to see it more from that side. Like not a whole chapter, but a longer paragraph, since it isn't his story, it's Maddy's.
Thank you. It is so good.
8/8/2019 c19 BibleQuizForever
So so so so so good! I love it so much. And I did not see the twist of Maddy getting turned to stone! Love it! Can the next chapter have a blip from Harry's love about this, since he loves her so much? That would be amazing! As well as if later we can have more of Hades pov. He is arguably my new favorite character.
Thank you, I love the story so much!
8/8/2019 c1 12Mid9ight0Wolf
so many chapter in one go. yay cant wait to read more.
8/8/2019 c19 20ilookhotinblack
So many chapters in one day, I’m so happy... please update ASAP
8/7/2019 c14 32QueerEpileptic
I love this so much!
8/7/2019 c14 kristenfrey4
Love it! Can’t wait for more!
8/6/2019 c11 musicluver246
Great story so far.
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