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for Jade Ashikabi

9/27/2019 c7 Tim - the Enchanter III
You are great
9/22/2019 c7 wanderinghawk1
Pretty good story!
I have to admit I'm not a fan of the whole missing memory thing but ...
Looking forward to Harry & Karasuba interactions.
9/18/2019 c7 Ricky
Awesome! Another Terry Goodkind fan! Although, his works went to shit starting with The Omen Machine...
9/5/2019 c7 Blaze1992
8/22/2019 c1 Dapper Jack
Nothin worse than wakin up before the best part of a wet dream. Least he had someone to help out with that.

I know this is FF but can concierge doctors actually treat patients in a hospital, public or private, without the hospital's consent?

My concern is wondering why a 15-yr-old is on an infiltration mission. Magic or not, that seems... odd. Is there a reason he's so young?

Certainly an interesting start. I like the reasoning why he's in Japan, curing Chiho. I hope events don't go the same as canon
8/15/2019 c1 Guest
wait. he doesn't know how to apparate? Is he 15 or something? What the fuck? You learn to fucking apparate at 17! He knew how to apparate in his 6th year in CANON!
8/15/2019 c7 heartfanglives
Just found this. Love it! Please please please return Akitsu soon! Don’t be mean to her anymore!
8/15/2019 c7 1Priest
This is a really good story and I would really love to see more of it in the future.
8/13/2019 c7 Kail990
Started reading the story today, I like it. Contrary to most crossovers I have read, you have integrated an actual backstory and you are making the story unpredictable with implementing other things then, 'harry went to japan and ran into -insert name-" which I like a lot.

I look forward to the next update.
8/13/2019 c7 4Tzapporah
Oh hi! Temple of the Winds, eh? Another Goodkind fan, I see. Also a strangely appropriate book considering the setting.
8/13/2019 c7 3Acolyte of the Blood Moon
The feels that you give me with the Akitsu plot man! I really hope they will get together again, and soon. Also, the Matsu washroom scene was pretty hot, loved it. Thanks for updating!
8/12/2019 c7 Ariadne Venegas
Yay! So Akitsu is not believer! I hope she get him a chance!

Also how Harry will take Yume out of Musubi without killing Musubi and get her a body that not look like Voldy homunculus?
8/12/2019 c7 starboy454
excellent update
8/7/2019 c6 dannymask
AWH i was so hoping you had akitsu with Harry please get akitsu with harry
8/2/2019 c6 Ariadne Venegas
Higa is so lost in his self superiority that he doesn’t see how bad his situation is becoming. He is about to make a very dangerous enemy!

I hope your life get better, it get difficult sometimes (a Big hug for you!) I will await your next chapter when you can have it!
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