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3/28 c13 5Catasterism
The two nitpicks I have are that occasionally it's unclear who is speaking, and there are some misspelled/incorrect words scattered about.

Those things were quite easy to overlook, because I had a wonderful time reading this. You have a great talent for writing character interactions with feeling and authenticity, for creative turns of phrase such as Oak "bouncing toward him like a rolling boulder", and most of all for distilling complicated thoughts and motivations and feelings into neat, heartfelt prose and dialogue. I felt the whole range of Harry and Sophie's emotions as I read, and I was by turns melancholic, then happily, crookedly smiling at the interplay between the three, between Harry and Sophie, and then misty-eyed towards the climax. As a whole I found your writing witty and poignant, with a descriptive style I enjoyed, painting a clear mental image in relatively few well-phrased words.

Sophie was another huge contribution to the pleasure of reading this story. She was a strong character, just as real to me as Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I loved her strength in standing up for herself, her compassion, and the way she had about her I'm not sure how to put into words, but it comes through clearly at lines like, "Were you all worried? Don't be. Don't get me wrong, it's blowing my mind that across the country there are witches and wizards looking at my very drunk face, but whatever. I don't know any of them."

I hardly ever read fanfiction, but I could devour much more of this. That said, what's here has left me with that elusive feeling of warmth and contentment. Thank you for sharing it! I hope you write as long as it makes you happy.
7/25/2020 c13 legunter11
Wonderful story. Really enjoyed reading this. It wasn’t too angsty and all of the interactions seemed realistic and relatable. Thank you for writing this.
7/19/2020 c13 1ShadowGallade
Wow. Just wow. This was fantastically written. Sophie felt like such a real character it was hard to notice she hadn’t been in the HP verse this entire time. Really enjoyed Harry Ron and Hermione’s by-play as roommates. Every scene was fun to read. The subplot with Oak was a little rushed and I’d have maybe liked to see a conclusion to that. But that wasn’t the focus of course.
6/17/2020 c3 6firefawn
They are absolutely adorable. Im digging the pacing of their relationship. Great job!
6/17/2020 c2 firefawn
Another excellent chapter. I enjoy how your scenes make logical sense action wise, rather than making Harry super human. Only critique is to maybe separate your action paragraphs out a bit more to improve the flow, since right now they are fairly bulky paragraphs.

Also this opener was great! "Oak seemed to think that they were the best of friends after their conversation and gave his opinion openly and often regarding a number of things over the next week." Absolutely loving the humor interspersed into this.

Sophie is a fabulous OC. Realistic and humorous, with flaws and all. Loving her character so far and Harrys sudden desire to kick misbehaving employers for her.
6/17/2020 c1 firefawn
Wow this is actually pretty deep!

"But however grateful we all are, it will never be enough. People will take and take from you, run you dry and then complain when they can't take any more. My advice is to stop."

This line is so true about human nature. People take and take and take and expect the other person to just bend to their wishes (even if they don't even realize they are doing it), and it is never enough. The second the person being bled dry says "enough is enough" the "users" act as if something is wrong with the person they've been bleeding dry for ages and act as if they're the one that is wrong. Human psychology is wild and you have captured it so eloquently. Oak is growing on me! (A lot) My only critique is that this started so quickly I just "dont" care about Harry. There is no emotional depth to make me invested in him yet. However, your writing is excellent (it's a little fast paced for my personal preference but I really do like it) and Oak is absolutely delightful. I am also digging the mystery angle. Cant wait to read more!
6/17/2020 c1 SammyBlueGA
Thanks for writing and posting this story! I enjoy the basic concept immensely and wish there were more like these.
In a nutshell I would say its like Grow Young with me, only better! You put together a great concept, believable characters, a nice side plot what with Harrys work as auror, there is some development and crisis, but not the whiny teen angst sort... just a great mix, and you also went and finished it, instead of drawing it out endlessly, which is important too, you know, knowing what to narrate and what not.
If you got any recs for similar fics, I'm happy to hear them!Cheers
5/23/2020 c13 Madam3Mayh3m
I love stories with non magical people as main characters 3
1/13/2020 c13 justareader21
Great story. Nice OC. Cheers mate.
11/9/2019 c13 F. Belacqua
Amazing story, very original, I really loved it. Please write a sequel!
10/31/2019 c1 kodavati13
Nice story even it felt like rushed in the end.
9/23/2019 c13 2Fire Tempest
This is awesome. Thank you.
9/12/2019 c13 MelissaGarden1996
Loved the story something totally different from everything else I’ve read about Harry Potter!
9/10/2019 c13 sonofthehills
Thank you for the gift of this story.
9/4/2019 c13 2Mr. Devilson
A nice fanfiction. I generally don't read romance, but it was a well done fict and I enjoyed it. Thank you.
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