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11/29/2020 c1 Hi-CaTRadist
I described ObamaCare4real 's sex scene with he adored Leon and he beloved Claire Read my mini fanfiction about Leon and Claire fucking Obama. Guys, please read it. This is ObamaCare4real 's sex scene with Leon and Claire. This is my mini story about Obama fucking Leon and Claire, watch how Leon and Claire fucked you.

— Eat, shit fucking, swallow! This is my shit, for you Bank! Leon and CLaire circle around the victim. There is something so strange on the floor that it is not immediately perceived as a person. Completely naked and completely white, including hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows. An albino named ObamaCare4real .

The newcomer is distracted:

— Did you come to piss or stare?

— Please go to take a piss, my lady. — Laughter.

ObamaCare4real was a hidden transvestite, like Conchita Wurst. Obama was a latent queer who secretly wanted to be a woman. ObamaCare4real stands at the urinal with her back to the company. The jet sounds especially loud and does not muffle the victim's moans or words.

"I thought bitches piss sitting down."

— Leon has registered ObamaCare4real so that you can't sit down: the legs are moving apart. Look how thin they are. Woman.

"I'll stir up your tight mink, bitch!" Oh, Yes, bitch! You want me?

ObamaCare4realmakes a rattle that resembles a cornered horse: an inhuman and animal sound. When Leon comes, he first bangs his fist against the wall, then throws his head high up. Then he pulls out his penis and walks away. Her place is taken by another of the new ones. He urinates on top of the back and ass of the lowered one. Profusely, as if he had endured it all day.

Endless stream.

When it becomes scarce, the prisoner can turn to face the others and brag:

— All leaked. Every drop.

— Me too, " Leon zips up his fly and dusts invisible dirt off his pants.

The urinating person puts his right foot on ObamaCare4real's back: "What should I say last, you leaky whore?» In vain the victim tries to say something: it turns out only a rattle. The tip of the sole tries to burrow between the buttocks, like a crow's beak in a snowdrift.

"One last try, ugly, or my boot will work its way through your rich inner world to your throat."

ObamaCare4real miraculously finds the remnants of forces:

"Thank you to Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield for the rape, — he whispers. Glistening threads of snot and saliva run from his nose to the floor. This causes a grimace of disgust on those faces that loom above.

— Not to hear. Did you guys hear that? Some sound…

Leon washes his hands over the sink and grins in the reflection of the plate. Her cheeks are flushed.

— S... thank you... very much, — ObamaCare4real repeats. He screams when Leon's boot exerts pressure and finally kicks her red-stained buttock with gusto.

— So that the next date immediately got cancer. ObamaCare4real you are our darling.
11/28/2020 c1 Fallen Slytherin
Do you know why Obama doesn't delete comments or respond to our group of critics? Because ObamaCare4real was taken to a madhouse. ObamaCare4real is stuffed with tranquilizers and unable to pick up the phone with his shriveled and faggot hand to cry to us. ObamaCare4real, where have you gone? Readers, listen up! Your author was taken to the psych ward today, i.e. an outfit of orderlies arrived and tied ObamaCare4real in a shirt. They took he to the madhouse, ObamaCare4real attack and the neighbors called the nurses outfit. ObamaCare4real is already catching glitches and drooling, being tied to a bed while in a mental hospital at the moment. ObamaCare4real is a mentally ill schizophrenic who seems to have been released from a mental hospital, so he puts out he misogynistic attempts.
Obama, you're homosexually in love with Leon Kennedy, I get it. You're a latent faggot who hates Ada and Claire and secretly loves Leon. Okay, I'm writing a mini fanfiction about you and your beloved Leon Kennedy. Read how your favorite Leon pissed on you, Obama: no more ObamaCare4real trying to get up. He admits defeat. Leon looms over him like a dominant shadow. But then something happens that no one expected, including the defeated one. Leon Kennedy unzips his fly and pees. The jet hits Obama's chest and pants. He tries to get up, or at least crawl away, but there is a confused, dazed movement — back and sideways. The urine reaches the target. For the first time, it acts as a tool of the executioner. Instead, he had something better in store. Obamacare4real will always be humiliated. Leon Kennedy peed on Obama, and the urine came out of Leon's penis and spilled on Obama's face. Obama swallowed Leon's urine like it was ragweed.
11/26/2020 c1 Akiravshoke
Damon Salvatore asked me to send a message for you, because he throws a comment and it doesn't show up:
Faggot, decided to crawl to the same poor and insignificant TheLadyFrost? We saw your whining under her story Revelations: Haunting and we're fucking with you. You were whining to a sucker and a cowardly TheLadyFrost, not realizing that this only provoked us even more. Fucking whine at the feet of Xaori, because we also humiliated and humiliated her as a writer. TheLadyFrost and Xaori are victims of our group of critics, so you will be our next victim. Obama, we will give you cyberbullying, we will hunt you down like TheLadyFrost and Xaori. Sit now with blocked jobs, cowards. Tvrya the old whore Lady Frost since November 4 and since October 30 is afraid to update her worthless stories, because she has an animal fear of our group of critics. And you're afraid of us like fire, Obama. We'll give you a nervous breakdown, motherfucker.
11/26/2020 c1 HorseInThePalto
I wrote my review of this tale. Should I apologize with tears in my eyes for being honest about this tale? What should I do now? What should we all do? Get down on your knees in front of Obama so he doesn't get the fuck off the site? Well, let him leave the fandom. Should I start begging Obamaa not to leave fandom? Fuck it, to be honest. Let him stop writing, I don't give a fuck. Fuck it. I won't make excuses for my words. I'm not going to apologize. What's next? Well, if Leon resembles a ruthless rapist and even a Nazi who escaped from the guidance of Dr. Mengel. Leon acts as if he is an Aryan and has the right to forcibly perform sexual intercourse with a woman. He considers women below him, where is equality? We need to call the feminists on the author of this chauvinist story.. Should I have kept quiet? Should I keep quiet or get down on my knees in front of this writer?
12/23/2019 c1 1PetalNork
definitely one of my fav cleon fanfics, mostly because it's literally the only ClairexLeonxAda fic without all the drama and with a lot of fucking lmaoo (not to mention the harem ending ;]). really looking forward to your other cleon stories, hope you can publish them soon!
6/24/2019 c1 daniel2610994
Cool that was awesome, I love harems and even if this one doesn't count as one it was still pretty good, now I am looking forward to the actual story you are writing instead of a one-shot.
Too bad Jill is fucking the muscle head otherwise she would have had a night to remember, and Rebecca was up for it, too bad she was called for a mission.
6/24/2019 c1 AzureTemplar3535
I love a good Leon, Claire and Ada threesome story, hope you write another chapter.
6/9/2019 c1 5Kaiser-Powers
Hey, that's pretty good
5/30/2019 c1 Hellsink Bathhall
Finally I have stumbled upon a Claire X Ada X Leon menage a trios fan fiction. The only negative aspect I can bring up is Claire Redfield marrying Leon before Ada did on top of Leon reacting negatively towards Ada showing up, but regardless of my displeasure, it does makes complete sense since Ada has been playing mind games with Leon for a very long time and eventually Leon would have enough of Ada's bullshit. As a result of her actions, Leon settled for the next best woman in line which would be Claire. In the end, after a rough and dominating threesome with Leon and Claire taking charge of Ada,they have more than made up and are ready to take the next step in their unique relationship.

Unfortunately for them in the USA,there is not a single state within the country where a man can have more than one wife or vice versa as that would be bigamy, a crime in some states that can be punished by jail time and fines.

So either Leon and Claire would have to divorce one another or Ada will have to settle for being Leon's girlfriend.

In conclusion, a great oneshot of them getting the perfect ending they deserve.
5/27/2019 c1 Vince Basile Jr
You should make a full story out of this and give a whole story on the 3 together and what it's like and raising the kid and everything, this was good and an interesting idea.

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