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9/17 c23 DJBasedDog
Ok I am confused: how and why does Bronn fight Jeyne? If he didn't do so in the books how and why does it go differently here?
9/14 c8 s.glugovski
Nice chapter, but somwhere in the middle you have golden "galleons" instead of "dragons"
9/10 c37 1sherndon86
Great story.
9/6 c36 gangui
The story isn'T bad but it contain a lot of bashing making character out to be incredibly stupid poor detail and too many invention by jon that he would ahve no way of thinking about. It a classic fixing fic there is technical point like the blast furnace etc.. but truly no detail it just doesn't make sense. You made highlord work on his project when they would never have done that you made all his ennemy look like fools futhermore all he does there is no finer detail behind them just yeah jon knows how to do that and that he think that oh he so smart he will flank there and there build that do that and his ennemy will do everything he think they will and everything will happen the way he want it. Finnaly the knights thing rly? you make them all to be the french at azincourt like rly...
8/27 c38 Jxduffy
Loved the story!
8/29 c38 3EolClowRidlley
It was great.

Thank you for such a nice reading I enjoyed it so much
8/28 c26 EolClowRidlley
Hi I've been reading since yesterday.
It's great I'm so engrossed with your way to use historical facts and battles.
I'm a huge fan of the Romans, is more the law than the battles for me, but this way it has also been quite interesting.
8/25 c38 Mlle.L
Woaaa! I am extremely impressed by your talents! The story is fantastic, and I love it all the more thanks to your historical accuracy. I really have a lot of respect for your work because at no point during my reading did the story seem long or boring to me. The moments of military strategy are all well explained and this makes the story more credible ( which I applaud ). Besides, I learned a lot from your chapter notes, and they show how passionate you are about the subject of war. That you used so much research and knowledge to build this story impresses me! You would have your place at the Citadel:)
I hope you’re okay and still writing because you have a real talent. I am going to read your other works, and I wish you the best! ( very sincerely one of the best fanfictions I have read, you can be proud because I am a devourer of books )
8/23 c24 SuperKryptonite3408
I love the part about Jon and Daemon sharing the same fate, but I always thought the brother he was referring to was his brother from Rhaegar. Depending on when Aerys was killed, Aegon VI would've been king for a short while. I always thought he died after since that would explain why Jaime felt guilty. If he died after Aerys then Jaime was sitting on the throne while Elia, Rhaenys, and Aegon were being killed.
8/10 c23 Uncle Dork
8/4 c36 smolhauz
8/4 c27 smolhauz
Tywin. In the words of a wise man; You Dumb Cunt.
8/2 c38 1therougegriffindork
read this fic in one day. Then re read it again. So well written and i enjoy your author notes with explanations/facts
You have done an excellent job with this fic and i love your version of Jon. I cant wait for the sequel.
7/31 c38 Sbud99
Loved it! Might be the best Game of Thrones Fic I have seen
7/26 c29 DJBasedDog
I just realized that the Pentoshi is most likely Illyrio Mopatis.
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