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for Shera one shot series!

4/10/2020 c6 5lila thunderstorm
I twas amazing! SO sweet!
7/1/2019 c7 1viktordragon17
This chapter as amazing! I have looked for something like this for a couple of days and found this Blind!adora is a Great fic idea! Good job!
6/30/2019 c7 5Darkness Rissing
Lol ok not bad re-imagining of the wonder if when transform she will regain her sight or will get something like an aura vision (lol and can see Catra getting more protective over her)

Speaking of thing I think the series hasn’t explode in full potential (or mention it properly) it’s the anger/hate Adora might recibe from soldiers or civilians from the rebellion side (considering she was a horde soldier)

Also on that note here is an idea:

After the battle of bright moon, queen angella (alongside the princesses and receive a nasty visit from some civilians and captains (guards) asking/demanding Adora to be arrested (considering her responsable for the attack and cause she was a horde soldier)...Adora is listening (hiding or she arrived late to the meeting) and though she is sad and hurt from the accusations, she gets a surprise when the princesses, bow and even the queen began defending her
6/24/2019 c6 Darkness Rissing
Ahhh that was and half of me actually expected Catra or Adora attack the closer individual (bow or sea hawk) during the “surprise” part (since you know warriors and all that)

Hahahaha honestly I was thinking ask for one like this (since I’m certainly Bow and Glimmer will try to get Adora to do parties and holidays) I do wonder if something like this will happen in the series?
6/10/2019 c5 Darkness Rissing
This was quite good and actually sweet to do fit Catra act like this and do wonder if something like this will happen in the series (considering we know both she and Scorpia are needed to save etheria) lol and yeah the ending actually sounded more like a “to be continue” but that’s actually good

Speaking of the cliffhanger of the...season finale? Mid season?

What about now a “could happen” scenario with shadow weaver and Adora? (Considering the old witch was last seen hovering over the sleeping blonde)
6/6/2019 c4 Darkness Rissing
Your welcome

This was quite nice to read...Frosta might started as an “ice queen” but later it was show she still was a child in the inside wanting to belong somewhere that just a throne

And was really touching her apology to Adora here Lol and was funny Glimmer little jealous moment
6/5/2019 c3 Darkness Rissing
Frosta struggling to apologize to Adora for the ball incident (for someone like her finding a way to apologize to someone you saw just like only an "honorary princess" and didn’t listen and try to arrest and banish would be hard)
5/26/2019 c2 Hey-Mewo
Hey, do you do any requests? I like your whole concept on all this

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