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10/23 c4 19Ptool
enjoying the story
9/14 c7 mossxapple
so many grammar errors
9/10 c8 01Katie
After how he treated Princess Diana and how that ***** would be the mistress of a known married man my opinion of both is very low. So low that I'm not going to put exactly what I think about them. And as for the queens death I empathize for the family. But after forcing her daughter to marry that ***** then how he treated her she shouldn't have wanted him to be king she should've had him and his hoe assassinated. I have no love lost for her.
9/9 c7 asia.joanna.7334
Omg omg Omg Omg Omg Omg i love it Really love this chapter I hope you update really soon i wil Day
9/9 c8 1dragonnia
Repose en paix sa mageste la reine Élisabeth II, même si je suis de Belgique je suivais quand même ce qui se passait dans le monde, C était une grande reine et une grande perte, que dieu bénisse la reine Élisabeth, longue vie au roi Charles et son épouse
9/5 c7 binkleys23
keep up the great work and update more when you have the time to. can't wait to see what happens next. it great that Tony and Bella are soulmates. couse they both need each other.
9/1 c7 darkdaisy42
Yay update!
8/30 c7 ILoveGeorgeEads
it was great.
Ooo nearly fighting time but Clint is going to get his ass handed to him once the battle is over
8/29 c7 bayruna
thanks for this new chapter
8/28 c7 MajorBlackHillFan
Can't wait for the next chapter
8/28 c7 MMTyler
Thank you for the update. I can't wait for the battle.
8/28 c7 2Angel JJK
Yay, a new chapter. Great. Look forward to more.
8/28 c7 Roxhall1
More please!
8/28 c7 Navywife07
Amazing update I can’t wait for isa and Clint to confront
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