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8/24/2019 c12 Fast Frank
No broom interference, hmm...
8/24/2019 c12 geekymom
Fantastic chapter!

One correction though... you need an extra zero for the Nimbus 2000.
8/22/2019 c11 Bob
Um... the astronomy tower isn't anywhere near the trophy room?

Also, Malfoy tricking Harry into a false duel is to reinforce the fact that he is a cunning Slytherin. In order for this to work, Harry would have had to change something. Possibly talk to Professor Flitwick about it; as an older student could inform Harry that Flitwick is a duel champion and could inform him of the rules.

I imagine, being a duel enthusiast and being a Ravenclaw, he would have first seen right through Malfoy's facade through sheer intellectual prowess and then joyfully called for the duel to be held after dinner. After all, a teacher can't allow such things to take place unsupervised; much less after curfew.

He might have even taught Harry a basic spell to help him participate if Harry came early enough in the day, stopping by while the man was in-between classes. A basic knockback spell, or even something more complex like Expelliarmus to capture the other person's wand.
8/22/2019 c7 Bob
Er... question? ... this seems to be his first day? How did he not get in trouble for not showing up at breakfast to receive his timetable? Why are quidditch tryouts happening on the first day? Why would any first years be allowed to try out for the team, when they aren't allowed their own brooms? Why aren't they going to flying class, where they learn to fly and thus not die?

Also, is Harry basically going to gain the opinion that wands act as if the 'Eschew Material' Metamagic while also granting a caster-level boost for spell DC and such?
8/22/2019 c5 Bob
Er... first off... the boats are located far down the path; well away from Hogsmeade station where the train from London to Hogsmeade (Hogwarts Express) stops. Harry should not have been even able to see the boats yet.

After walking through a stony path to the shoreline, the boats carry them a great distance, then they come around some trees and get their first view of Hogwarts.

The majestic castle stands a beacon in the night, hundreds of ever-burning torches keep the massive stone fortress warm and lit, day or night, as best as they can despite the large and drafty hallways.

After a few minutes of the self-guiding boats floating along, and any over-exited students being placed back into their boats by the giant squid, first year students enter a cave just barely short enough that Hagrid has to 'duck his head'; more than tall enough that any non-giant adult would be quite comfortable.

From there, they step onto a tiny docking area and gather at the base of a staircase leading up into the entrance hall. Hagrid hands them off to McGonagall and then she takes them away to an empty side-room where they can wait for the older students to finish settling down and the teachers to finish arriving (if they are for some reason late, though they will start without a teacher if the person is late enough). From the side room, they are lead in a single-file line through the entrance hall into the Great Hall with Gryffindor table on their far tight, Ravenclaw to their right, Slytherin to their left, and Hufflepuffle to their far left.

Each of the four tables is wide enough to hold two sets of plates and cutlery, and three dishes; making them excellent stand-and-fight dueling platforms in a pinch. They are approximately long enough to hold two hundred people on each side; meaning that each table can hold four hundred students and the total student capacity of Hogwarts is roughly sixteen hundred. However, due to the two wars having taken place in the last century, the total occupancy of Hogwarts during Harry's early years is usually around a thousand or less; not including teachers and guests.

After the baby boom of Voldemort's defeat, there would be a surge in population; bringing the total up to just over a thousand on average towards Harry's mid to later years at Hogwarts. Then, after an initial eleven years after Voldemort's second defeat, new waves of students over several years brings Hogwart's population almost to normalcy with nearly thirteen to fourteen hundred students on average per-year.
8/22/2019 c3 Bob
Er... Vernon has met James, I would assume Petunia has as well. That's why he mutters 'mimblewimble' that one time, maybe in the first book? Possible with Hagrid. It's a tongue-tying curse. Basically, Vernon thought James was trying to kill him via suffocation. So he's afraid of all magic. I suspect Vernon has nose issues... so, when his tongue was tied, it blocked off his only airway or left only a very small one that left him barely able to breath at all.

I've heard a rumor it was during a wedding, though I can't confirm; much less who's wedding it would have been.
8/22/2019 c2 Bob
First off, seems interesting so far. I'll read more for sure.


I feel like... you should have started this earlier? Like... maybe even just after he'd entered Primary school Age 6-11? That would have given him a solid five years to learn cantrips from each of the classes, figure out that he's a non-standard 'sorcerer' using a 'pool of spell points', and maybe learn a couple of minor-low and mid-low level spells like shield, mage armor, the enhancement spells such as cat's grace, perhaps expeditious retreat, jump, cure wounds, dark vision, invisibility, and such. Maybe even some greater-low level spells like the third-level crusader's mantle, call lightning, create food and water, and haste (I've always wondered if people would think him a vampire or something with spells like that).

Though, even minor-intermediate level spells like the fourth-level, may be pushing it... you could make his solitary 'fourth level spell' dimension door. Possibly leading him to think he has a talent of some kind for conjuration. He could 'discover dimension door' by accident when he's being bullied by Dudley and ends up on the school roof. But then refine it into something between a house-elf and phoenix teleport; but initially very short ranged due to the player handbook's insistence.

I imagine he would 'discover his spells have further rule alteration' and draw a small amount of magic every six seconds (Every round) rather than using purely 'concentration', but that this mana draw would allow him to concentrate on a number of spells that he would likely assume to be his 'ability modifier'. I can so totally picture a proud little harry potter going "I've got an intelligence modifier of 4, a wisdom modifier of 3, and a charisma modifier of 5." because he's casting however many spells from different classes that 'require different abilities to function'. Utterly adorable.

Regardless, I will continue reading this story. It's beginning to spark my imagination and I appreciate that. Thank you very much.
8/24/2019 c12 SkylerHollow
Thanks for the chapter.
8/23/2019 c12 jkarr
nice that Harry and Ron did get some sleep
8/20/2019 c11 Fast Frank
First fic I've read where the duel actually occurs. Worth the wait.
8/20/2019 c10 Fast Frank
Quirrel's action at the feast is much more believable than canon. Although in JKR's defense (sigh) she was trying to make it clear to her younger readers that Quirrel was faking, without actually saying it. Also Dumbledore's reaction is much more reasonable.
8/20/2019 c11 KX
Good snape and harry. Above average mione ron.
But originality could use work. Just redoing the regular plot step by step with a few changes is not exactly interesting you know ? Mix it up. Be creative. If you are just writing the original plot with different flavour, than what is the point ?
8/21/2019 c11 scpotter
I really like your story !
8/20/2019 c11 1Calmzone1
Lol, ooops. Poor Draco.
8/20/2019 c10 Calmzone1
The only oops here is that Harry had already left with the other Gryffindors and grabbed Ron as they were moving. Then you have them returning to the dorms with sandwiches, and being alone until the others return. But they directed all the Prefects to lead all the students up, so, bit of a glitch. Other than that, it’s good.
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