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6/3/2019 c5 2firebird-fenix
The firefly is a focus to harry .?

I would not make friends with ron or malfoy, to me they are the tow side of the same coin one rich and spoiled jealous child, biased, the other a poor equally spoiled and jealous, lowsy and biased child.

6/3/2019 c4 87RebeccaRoy
I like this start, and Severus is truthful with himself here, though he does still love Lily, which is understandable as he did grow up with her in a way.
6/1/2019 c4 Crhis11
Ravenclaw harry.
5/31/2019 c4 geekymom
Fantastic chapter!
5/31/2019 c4 14alucardgal
interesting...i like this one! More please!
5/31/2019 c3 Millie072
An interesting premise. At least St. Cuthbert is better than St Brutus. Curious as to why McGonagall would take Snape along. Isn't visiting new students a one professor job? Noticed you have 115 fav/follows and only 2 reviews. What's wrong with readers? If you like or dislike something let the author know. Their time is spent creating something that takes time & effort without recompense. A review is a way of saying thank you.
5/30/2019 c3 geekymom
Fantastic story!
5/30/2019 c3 2KalynaAnne
This looks like a fun story so far - I look forward to seeing where you go with it :)
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