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5/19 c30 Medvac
Amazing chapter, maybe for an idea could toss in some karma towards Erza, Mira, and Kagura for Levy’s suffering. Idk maybe they land in a earthland zombie apocalypse with the zombies being Ichiya zombies that eat flesh in order to get the victims parfum, moans out mmmeeeennnn, and can sprint. But when they land in the new universe, they land in someone’s bed room making passion. And reveals to be Natsu, Kagura, and Levy (you probably can make a funny dialogue with Mcgarden saying nice with a knowing and smug look). Then later the group finds out along with the Ichiya zombie apocalypse that Erza and Mira’s doubles are in a relationship with Gajeel or idk fat Droy or someone that they wouldn’t stand seeing their doubles with.

It’s always a pleasure to see new chapters coming out. I was in such a good mood that this idea came to me and seemed to be a fun idea to me. Hopefully it helps.
5/17 c30 jeremiahkelley93
Great and hilarious chapter.
5/16 c30 55TheUnknownLegion
This was absolutely amazing! I love it haha! Now, I shall try to work faster on my stuff so I can finally get to the idea with the shifting girls! I do hope I don't take forever in that regard.
5/16 c30 omni867
Question you don’t have to give a yes or no answer but will they eventually warp into there home dimension
4/16 c29 MPrime
4/9 c29 Medvac
Great chapter, was a lot of fun to read. Definitely re-read the chapter, it’s always nice to remind everyone that the girls earned the right to be Mary Sue’s. Due to all of the shit they had to go through, but there’s always something that is harder to kill than most. Don’t know what’s your plan for the next chapter for shifting but can’t wait.

I could totally see the moment that the girls shift and shifting of the batmobile to the next world. Levy going fast as hell when she shifted. In the next universe she runs over jellal, stops and backs up over on top of him and asks Ultear, meredy, or a random person with a manic grin. “Hey does anyone know where to bar is at” someone points in the direction she is facing, she gives her thanks and slams the throttle down. While jellal’s dead body was underneath the rear tire and flings blood and ripped flesh right at Ezra’s face.

Imagining that scene makes me chuckle a bit. Then being questioned by her friends why she stole the batmobile and Levy’s response would be. “I was on a beer run because I needed alcohol and I kept seeing kagura’s tea talking to her. Plus they didn’t have alcohol, all I had was smoothie’s and that clear liquid stuff that didn’t tasted like alcohol.” You mean water and I wasn’t talking to my tea, kagura answered.

Makes me chuckle a little more.
4/8 c29 TheUnknownLegion
Fun chapter!

I couldn't help but think that Krograal would have had a blast being there fighting Doomsday despite getting his butt handled to him by the monster every time haha. And he would disagree with Levy about beating up poor people, probably say something like "killing and robbing poor people is a fun pass time to do!" or something of the sorts haha.

Also, unless I read it wrong but Kagura can use her gravity Magic to make herself fly? Cause that's cool.

But yeah, fun chapter!
4/8 c29 jeremiahkelley93
Great chapter.
4/7 c29 omni867
Hope it come soon
4/7 c29 Donthedarkdragon26
i do hope they'll get home soon. lol
3/10 c28 omni867
I hope you update this story some more
2/13 c28 TheUnknownLegion
Fun bug killing. Krograal would have loved to be part of it haha. Fun chapter!
2/11 c28 Medvac
Good chapter, have always liked space troopers. Can’t wait for another chapter Bisca’s Journey, I hope you maybe you’d think about having the 137C girls shift to Bisca’s new universe or the shifting group from The Council of Levy’s. Having them participate in a battle then partying or having fun then shifting away, could be fun.
1/20 c27 Medvac
Ideas for shifting: red redemption to save Morgan from his illness and possible bad ending. Shooting cowboys, mandits, and destroying a bar in the process.

World war z with no magic would be cool to see how they would do against full sprint zombies or them climbing builds.

Maybe avatar the last airbender (the good one) with no magic but perhaps give them bending powers for that universe only. Levy: water, Mira: air, Erza: fire (can brag about getting fire like her Natsu), and kagura: earth. They couldn’t tell that they have bending powers when they arrive, but kagura is getting fed up the other three and accidentally made a small pit around the three. When they shift to a new universe, Erza says something to Mira. Angrily pissed Mira tries to send a burst of air at Erza for her comment. Then nothing happens but a gentle breeze come flowing by.
12/10/2022 c27 Guest
Eden zero shiki harem
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