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for Vernon's Lament

4/24/2023 c18 Airedale
Great story, please continue.
4/25/2021 c18 1Anyanwu
This is a really interesting story. Please update when you can.
2/10/2021 c1 655artix
I love this story!
2/18/2020 c18 Cassandra30
2/18/2020 c17 Cassandra30
Harry now knows who Sirius is.
1/19/2020 c18 K
I hope there is more!
1/19/2020 c18 23Rori Potter
Oh wow! Update soon.
12/29/2019 c5 OnaJB72
what Dumbledore would have wanted to see happen
12/28/2019 c1 OnaJB72
might be the fic i've been looking for (conceptually)
12/23/2019 c18 Guest
Hmmmm. It's my opinion that you are making the same sort of mistake with your "nonmagical" interloper that JKR did with her version of Albas Dumbledore. While love may be the ultimate goal of many religious belief systems, it is well documented that the passive approach, even that which is born of love, is desperately dangerous to the practitioner if not coupled with a VERY well developed since of self preservation. To match the confrontation with such an individual with an individual intent on violence, death and destruction the resulting clash can lead to rampant death and injury. The greatest damage in such a conflict will inevitably occur on the heads of those caught in the fall out of such foolishness that have no control of the situation. Name any war and the civilian non-combatant are the overwhelming bulk of the conflict. Through out history this is an inescapable fact. Your solution would have everyone viewing the world through rose colored glasses. That would be a very pleasant way to view the world until people started dying in massive numbers left, right and center.
12/23/2019 c18 3taskmaster130667
I have read the full story and I must say I like it. It's very interesting and the set up is super. Please keep up the good work.
12/23/2019 c14 117TerraZeal
This chapter REALLY makes me want this to turn into a Harrymort fic. I can totally see Harry teaching Voldemort about, uh, love, when Voldie gets his body back...
12/9/2019 c6 HeartsGlow
Then how do you explain Squibs? I'm sure they wouldn't WANT to choose a life without magic seeing as many of them are kicked out of their families.
12/9/2019 c4 HeartsGlow
Calling Arabela "Bella" reminds me too much of Bellatrix.
11/28/2019 c17 Baelorfan
This is good, and a novel approach. I stayed up five hours reading the story. All seventeen chapters. I liked seeing how Harry finds Petunia and helps bring her back to life. And to see the Dursleys change was truly awesome. I love your philosophy , or Colin's, about life and giving up hatred.

I hope that Pandora Lovegood will survive and that Luna and the Dursleys boys continue to be friends. I don't think that this Harry will like Ron Weasley so much. I'm hoping to see more of Harry at his family manor The Pottery.

I guess that someone is subtly controlling Penelope Greengrass since she was not a Death Eater. Is she under a long-term Imperio? Was she talking to Barty Crouch Jr,?

Thank you.
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