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for DPMJ: Tomb of Dreams

10/22/2019 c10 BlazeStryker
I know Dante is a different type of Doctor, but Doctor he is. Interesting fashion statements happen with such, and given the sheer amount of running done, liking trainers/sneakers is a lot more practical than having a yen for a fez.
10/22/2019 c9 BlazeStryker
When the ship lifts, all debts are paid.-Lazarus Long
All Debts Paid-Achievement for going through to the very end, Bioshock Infinite.
10/22/2019 c6 BlazeStryker
I love (straightened out versions of) Bioshock Infinite but I have to admit that sharing the birthday of Yi Suchong is disturbing. Oh, well, at least I still have that same birthday with Ludwig at least. (von Beethoven)
10/22/2019 c11 razmire
This was a good story, quite entertaining to read. And unlike Burial at Sea, it had what is considered a happy ending, which is a big plus for me.
10/4/2019 c10 2STRELOK474
Do a Transformers Prime story!
9/19/2019 c10 Ghost Man
Oh here's a to the point where Atlas is almost ready to be beaten for these guys to show up and wave like a big FU...yeah I hate Fontaine.

Okay so I can see that. A time Lord and a superposition-powered lady wouldn't want it. this complete?
9/19/2019 c9 Ghost Man
Wait a second...I thought all the futures...oh yeah...this guy...will never see his Anna again. ;-;

See that's the Liz I know. Opening doors to tornados and putting the gods themselves in their place.

*snickers* Almost feel sorry for Robert...but that was hilarious.

This seems familiar...dammit Comstock

Bittersweet, dude
9/19/2019 c8 Ghost Man
No seriously...why can't she just open up her tears...access the doors. She should know things.

Wait...the deal. The Luteces did make a deal wuth Dante.

Oh. She'll see Booker perhaps?

Now...would the increased metabolism keep the drugs from working?
9/19/2019 c7 Ghost Man
Wait, I thought this Liz was still connected to the doors? She's not dead yet.

Never did like Suchong...and not just for human rights abuse.

God...that room made me sick. Still does.

Oh sheesh...Ryan
9/19/2019 c6 Ghost Man
Okay so we can't just off him...but we need to find a way to escape without Sally getting hurt. How do we do that?

Oh yeah...Liz has superpowers still, but let's just give the guy the phrase. Shouldn't change things much.

*snickers* Liz and Cupid's Arrow...hehehe
I always had this idea of using invisibility...makes for a fun time a la a certain episode of Buffy
Here's a thought...let's give Suchong her hair. BOOM. Skip the whole other part.

*snickers* Spaceballs ref.
9/19/2019 c5 Ghost Man
Gas grenade? Well played.

Oh's Bubbles

And it's him...of course...I hate him.
9/18/2019 c4 Ghost Man
Whoo...emotional. Really hits ya hard ya know.
9/18/2019 c3 Ghost Man
Yes let us not mention Atlas...tis a dirty man

Oh thank need for that electricity and weird dancing.
9/18/2019 c2 Ghost Man
Ohhh. THAT Eleanor.

Hmm...why the butterfly?

"Honey I love you, but you can't have comfy feet when I don't."

*sighs* I hate the tipping culture.

Using alien technology to hack machines? Blasphemous! P
9/18/2019 c1 Ghost Man
Yes please don't tell her. Made me cry again. about a lover's spat.

...You sneaky sultry seductress. Getting him to pay the tab? Well played.

*snickers* reve-justice

At least this whale isn't in space...saw that ep at the time puts vaping as dangerous.
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