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1/21 c33 jonmjh
So the orcs have a banner bearer too? Do I smell a Hiral vs Makari in the making? Can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the good work.
1/17 c33 3baud001
Can't wait to see the three way brawl in the next chapter :).

Also I've seen you're taking after the new Ghazghkull model. Pretty cool mini
1/15 c33 Guest
What are “beakies”!?
1/15 c33 Guest
1/15 c33 7Sicarius117
Of all the things I expected, Shephard getting run over and killed by Jaghatai Khan was not one of them. That actually gave me a pretty good chuckle.
I’m a bit anxious for what you have in store for Kharn and Ghazghkull considering how huge of an icon they are their race or faction, even more than what you did to Commorragh. Plus, I do think Kharn was one of the few decent World Eaters left, at least before he went completely insane.
Awesome chapter overall! Can’t wait for more!
1/15 c33 drucifer000
I'm really liking this so far! I can't wait for the next chapter!
1/15 c27 drucifer000
Honestly, what did she expect from the inquisition?
1/14 c33 LiquidusSnake
Soon, on that clusterfuck of a battlefield there will be no more death...because there are so many people that they'll be too squeezed for walking XD
1/14 c14 drucifer000
This is getting really good! Great work so fara
1/14 c33 1Mattmaster112
Awesome chapter as ever. I particularly love the Shepherd-primarch/Belisarius/Emperor interactions.
Also befpre the last update i dodnt get notifications for about 2 months so got to read 3 chapters in one. That was a good day
1/14 c33 2Albericus
Another masterwork wordsmith. Thank you!

And Kharn's here. One of my favourite Heresy character. He's one of the most tragic Astartes out there. Misguided by misplaced loyalty and by the corruption of his legion.

I really hope Shepard can somehow bring him back. Though I doubt it, considering the millenias of atrocities he committed.
1/14 c33 15Vanessa Masters
Oh, dang, taken out by space motorcycle.



but regardless, another fabulously written chapter, epic, with detail, funny, neat characters.

And now a giant orc.
1/14 c3 drucifer000
Its a little grating to see how far she goes to accommodate people that she objectively has no obligation to, why submit herself to such things? Once it's apparent she can wield the Emperor's power then her status as a Saint should be rather uncontested.
1/14 c33 ian12091995
Now im very eager to see the next chapter.

Lotara Sarrin? I knew her for sometime since i did some research on the Conqueror's history. Been wondering what happened to her since the Heresy. I guess this will do.

A real tragedy of what happened to Artin. I just hope the Primarch does not follow.

Keep up the great work friend.
1/14 c33 1battybiologist
the current land motorcycle speed record at 605kph is not as fast as the skydiving speed record (988kph) but that has a lot to do with the altitude of the lattermuch less air resistance way up there. so we're pretty much at that point already, I'm sure WH40k tech (or waagh empowered red ork motorcycles) can go faster.
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