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1/24 c24 4Natzo
Shepard will be furious Amalgamation exists, but its a weird position. I mean, it's created out of being she defeated already. In a way, it's triple the failure. I assume they are going to win once, kill someone like Hiral, then force Shephard to run. Then she will return with a vengeance.

I haven't read the other story, I will get to it, but for Saren and Jack, it depends on the actions of Mass Effect. Both were indoctrinated and brainwashed into betraying their beliefs. She could rally her troops with her story if she takes the risk of revealing her past. How they were weak-willed and used as pawns before and now, first by the Reapers and now the Chaos Gods. That shows the Gods are afraid of her.
1/17 c24 2FlameDaemon0
What I would love to see is Janus the shard of Magnus best qualities that was fused with a loyal thousand sons psyker Revuel Arvida during the horus heresy that would be something although dont know how you would pull it off considering he hasnt been seen since the war of the beast in m32.
1/17 c24 Ase Of SpADeZ
I’m so so sorry about your grandfather and uncle. Best wishes.
1/17 c22 Ase Of SpADeZ
These are dark times with no mjod.
1/16 c24 Angery Katte
So... there are a LOT of characters to remember, and I'm forgetting several of the OCs. Think you can compile some kinda list of OCs that we can look at for a reminder?
1/16 c24 15Vanessa Masters
Oooh yeah, the asari with the exception of liara, rankle up shepard. So, the eldarr aren’t comfortable for her, but she is more open than most when it comes to Xeno.
1/15 c24 Guest
I'm sorry about your family problems and hope your year improves. If it helps any the chapter was great as always
1/14 c24 Guest
I am sorry for your loss! I would think that A LOT of Dark Eldar would consider Shepard to be the “Crown Jewel” of slaves considering her power to ward off the influence of Slaanesh! I am honestly surprised that the Dark Eldar haven’t tried kidnapping her already!
1/15 c24 Alphar2003
My sincere condolences. My grandfather died a day after Christmas Eve from diabetes.
1/15 c24 LegionAlmond
Another excellent chapter! However, much like the previous storey, I wonder if Shepherd will encounter the evil aspects of warhammer, genocide, ideological indoctrination and slavery, all the gruesome aspects of nobles and the basic functions of the imperium. It just doesn't feel like warhammer with the good guys being just a dark and controversial as chaos. It also feels like Shepherd, a very moral character whether paragon or renegade would speak out on. Plus the shenanigans of a verified super holy Saint saying her first boyfriend was Garrus, a turian, whos species tried to conquer humanity on first contact. Shepherd is almost like what I imagine a DAoT human would be, sans super AI and tech.
1/15 c24 Keechinator
Sad to heard about you families health problems, I hope you find the will to write but if you don’t you should know that I really like this story I would hate to see it become abandon like many other great stories on this site.
1/15 c3 3Fernix13
i really hope to see other chapters than ultrasmurfs. or maybe shephard can redeem some traitors like Rylanor did?
1/15 c24 5el mano
Another great chapter, I am sorry for your loss, I recently lost two relatives to Covid as well. Thank you for posting the chapter. I look forward to your next one.
1/14 c24 2King Quinn Of Tucky
our Favorite khan will be thier go fast aginst the drukahri
1/14 c24 1Silvercrystal.ct
Great chapter and hopefully things will turn for the better.

My deepest condolences to you and your family
Losing family be it to age, accident, or illness is never easy, while it won’t happen quickly, eventually you will find a point where their memory won’t immediately invoke feelings of loss but instead feelings of joy for all the good times that were shared.
Each loss will heal in its own time.

Hopefully 2021 of the Julian calendar treats you better then 2020/2021 of the Gregorian calendar (tonight is Julian New Year’s Eve)
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