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7/3 c40 Ctrl-Dalt-Delete
When you updated it was this stories 5 year anniversary, congratulations!
6/29 c40 alexthom1
New chapter? when?

Ya gud witer, me loik reding yur stori!
6/8 c40 Sci-Fi Guy 22
Damn what a crazy story man, just spent the last 5 days reading this and I love it. Do you plan to include the Legion of the Damned into this?
5/31 c40 4Wing Omega
Aww no Necron fleets to be smashed

Have I mentioned that I'm a massive space combat junkie whose biggest complaint about the Mass Effect trilogy as a whole is never getting to control either the SR-1 or SR-2 in combat? (Made worse by the fact Frigates are generally my favorite ship type regardless of setting so I adore both the SR-1 class and the SR-2 class) My biggest complaint about Andromeda is that the Tempest aka the player's ship is unarmed despite being intended for deep space exploration. IMO in a setting like Mass Effect the only people who draw up unarmed ship designs for exploration missions are fools or saboteurs

Still it was fun overall and there were some fun Tia moments in this.,
5/30 c40 1Mastermind4892
Welcome back!

Ahhhh, the Necrons at last! Long have I awaited an encounter with them in this story. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Perhaps Trazyn will appear?
5/30 c40 Guest
5/29 c40 Guest
I thought the Votann were supposed to make an appearance?
And we are finally looking for the gentle giant, VULKAN LIVES!
5/30 c40 13chidoriprime
Space Dwarves, Angry Ladies & Green Dragons vs. Edgy Egyptian Terminators? Yes please!
5/29 c40 9bobshady

Glad to see you return. Love this series and am glad for more.
5/29 c1 1WeAreTheWord
I wouldn’t mind Shepard establishing a funny relationship with Trazyn. Setting up a trade agreement other help g him acquire a few things would definitely be a way for Shepard to get some pristine stuff from the collection gallery in return. people, tech, data banks, all kinds of knowledge waiting to be bartered and traded for if she plays her cards right. Also with Trazyn’s obsession with the preservation of history along with him helping out a bit during the 13th black crusade, he would definitely be invested in Shepard doing the impossible and making galactic history
5/29 c40 4Revliledpembroke
5/29 c40 4Australian Dealer
Good timing, just felt like a reread of this and Honor Bound and new chapter drops. So we are off to find Vulkan, lets hope he isnt just in a really dark corner with a miniature workshop
5/29 c40 ian12091995
Loving every moment of this.

And I don't know why but this chapter makes me want to watch Pariah Nexus again.
5/29 c40 Cordelari723
Woooo! I have been waiting for this. I love the Salamanders. Great chapter. I’m hopeful you’re eluding to trazyn. Does that mean we might get a glimpse of a certain clone in his collection?
5/29 c40 darkstar51
glad to see you back!
can't wait to see the squats (space dwarves){votann} in action.
hmmmmmm Necrons? could the omen possibly be the WH40K's Greatest pokemon trainer? TRAYZN THE INFINITE?
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