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9/3 c38 Servox312
R.I.P Magnus the Red.

There is no doubt the other traitor Primarchs will be shocked that a mere mortal like Shepard managed to best one the most powerful of their kind. It would be interesting to see their reactions and thoughts as they wonder who will be next for the chopping block.

Keep up the good work!
8/29 c38 Guest

Shame Magnus rejected redemption tho, and Rowboat Gorillaman was too slow to get his licks in, lmao.
There's always next time Robot Girlyman!
8/29 c38 Datarus Finnigun
Sad to have reached the current chapter, happy you gave us any at all, hopeful you'll continue writing. Best of luck, wordsmith.
8/28 c38 gremlin914
Ty for the chapter, interested to see what data will be revealed.
8/24 c38 Flavar
thanks for the great story. I look forward to reading your book tomorrow.
7/19 c38 8Species Unknown
F for our favorite sorcerous chicken boi.

He had a good death, not everything can be TTS after all. Would have been interesting seeing if Shepard's powers could have briefly purified his body though.
7/15 c38 rvbrwby
holy I was just rereading this story this month and I see a new update happened a few days ago. nice timing
7/14 c38 Chris PerMow Warner
All is muffins! also, thanks wordsmith
7/11 c38 spartanzerg
I'm sad to see the end of thousand sons some part of me hoped they'd have a similar scenario to the reapers oh well it had to be done.
7/11 c38 1Mastermind4892
Magnus the Red is gone. He’s finally gone! A Traitor Primarch is dead! That is perhaps the greatest loss Chaos has suffered since Shepard first arrived. On this day, Tzeentch’s fury will eclipse even Khorne’s.
7/10 c38 Guest
Wonder how Lorgar is feeling right now with the knowledge that he is not as unkillable as his “gods” claimed he would be?!
Wonder how Abbadon will react, pity this victory can’t be shared with the wider Imperium as the Morale Boost would be HUGE!
7/11 c38 12IX404
Excellent work. Chaos has lost a valuable champion, and Shepard grows ever stronger. I look forwards to the day she buries her Force Weapon into the heart of Chaos and slays it for good.
7/11 c38 15Vanessa Masters
Ooooh, Shepard is finally going to look into the omnitool.

Amonhotep and his crew realizing just how badass Shepard is...she died and came back, while fighting Magnus.

7/11 c38 ian12091995
Job well done. And I understand. Writer's block is such a bummer.

And sorry it took so long to review. What happened to Bjorn affected my ability to review for a while. None Shall Find Him Wanting.

This is a tremendous victory indeed but it came at a bitter price. No doubt Shepard has put the Emperor in 2nd place and herself in 1st on Tzeentch's sh t list for taking out one of his most prized Champion.

Would be fun if the other Chaos Gods laughs and mocks the Changer of Ways for his inability to change what has happened to Magnus.

I hope the next journey will pit her Crusade against the Cult of Slaanesh. Particularly against either Lucius the Eternal or Miriael Sabathiel.

Till next time. Praise the Emperor and Muffins.
7/10 c38 3Australian Dealer
You know I was just wondering yesterday when the next chapter would be out. Found your new ME story and I like it a lot too, but I was sitting here like "Ah shit, as good as this is, is SB being forgotten?" Nice to see that was not the case.
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