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10/22/2021 c30 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
fun to see shep cleaning out the traitors :D
and having a new target
10/22/2021 c30 1Mastermind4892
The games and tournaments may be over, but now there is a race to win. A race for the Hawk.

And Necrons! At long last, we’ll see Necrons in this glorious tale! Naturally, that won’t be a good thing for Shepard’s Crusade. But we have so many Chapters of Space Marines, including Lamenters and even Custodes! Not to mention Imperial Knights and Titans! And with a Primarch down there as well, there are very few ways our odds could be any better… insurmountable as they usually are in Warhammer 40K.
10/22/2021 c30 5CopperStandard
another chapter! \o/
10/22/2021 c30 3RonaldM40196867
Time to set course!
10/6/2021 c6 5exillion
Royal road is the answer to your funding. Google it, write a chapter or some such for an original story, and I can gurantee you income via donations.
10/3/2021 c29 1Tankred
Hmm... Custodes, eh? Would be amazing if they took the time to upgrade Shepards power armor with auramite, but I won't keep my hopes up for it.
9/29/2021 c29 LiquidusSnake
Probably was already asked but just need to be sure. The custodes are armored right? They're not only in their helmets or loincloths? Just to know...
9/29/2021 c29 3baud001
Nice chapter.
Though I'm not a fan of the custodes intervening like that, it feels a bit too much a Deus ex machina (Emperor ex machina?) that cheapens the work Shephard's allies and friends were doing. But I'm happy to see them joining the crusade and seeing them in action.
Also the inquisitor jumping to abduct Shephard without checking if she was the source of the heresy or even if the heresy was widespread is stupid and a little at odd with how careful a schemer he was in dealing with the dark eldar Haemonculus
9/25/2021 c29 1WeAreTheWord
U know, a possible side quest could be Shepard running into the last 3 survivors of the original Soul Drinkers chapter. All the lore said i think was that they entered a warp portal because despite their steadfast loyalties to the Emperor, they knew they werent welcome as they were. Shepards holy Aura could give another cursed remnant chapter hope
9/21/2021 c29 Guest
Things like this are why the Imperium humans and Chaps humans in 40K, deserve to be killed off. Not given to the Chaos Gods as toys forever, or the Dark Eldar as tortured slaves, or assimilated into the Tyranids Hive Mind. Just... killed. Quickly. Loudly. And painfully. And that's why I'm a Gorkamorka-loyal Digga.
9/16/2021 c29 Guest
Did the Custodes bring any Dreadnoughts and vehicles with them!? What kind of Warship have they brought to the Fleet!? I can’t imagine the consternation that rippled amongst the Imperial Sol Defense Fleet as a Custodes Warship made for the Jump Point out of the Solar System like a “bat out of hell”!
9/16/2021 c29 Guest
Perhaps the Emperor could learn something from Shepard about human faith. Imperial Truth. Please, what a goofy idea.
9/15/2021 c29 Guest
You would think that the Ordo Maleus would be HUGE FANS of Shepard, given how her powers make her the Bane even the Chaos Gods, and thus be the ones “leading the charge” to hunt down this conspiracy against Shepard!?

Holy Shizzballs, FIFTY Custodes! Surprised that you had the Lamenters Librarian WORRIED about the Custodes killing everyone, instead of relieved that the Emperor himself was PISSED at what had been done to Shepard! Even when faced with Custodes, Strakk and Delma (pity you won’t expand on who THAT little “piece of work” was) still refused to acknowledge that maybe they were wrong to assume that Shepard was guilty of heresy! At least the Hive Mind poison was handed off to another Inquisitor, got to give Strakk “”props” for that at least! And that Guilleman now knows about it!
Those Death Company Lamenters were sent to clear the way for the Custodes, correct? Their sacrifice will never be forgotten! Will the Lamenters Librarian be a new recurring character now?
Can-Beta is going to be most “displeased” (Cawl as well) when he hears what transpired while he was away, and Ecstatic when he learns that he will potentially get to oversee the Maintenance of Custodes War Gear (do Custodes have versions of a Techmarine?), and any other potential “goodies” in the Custodes vessel!
Abbadon is going to have a FIT when he learns of Shepard’s newest allies! (If she wasn’t so pissed about the heresy investigation being kept from her, Shepard would be so curious over the Custodes War Gear)! All Shepard needs now are a Titan manifold, some Knights (surprised that you haven’t had any Freeblades join up with her Crusade over the years, you would think they would be “jumping over themselves” to join up), and a Grey Knight Brotherhood!
Speaking of Grey Knights, imagine what an ENTIRE Brotherhood of Grey Knights could achieve if they had Shepard’s Powers to ward off the negative effects of overusing their Psyker Powers (think latest Chaos Gate: Daemon Hunter Trailer, but Dialed Up from 10 to 1,000)!
Doesn’t the thought of that give you Goosebumps!?

Will the next chapter have a small section to it, detailing how the situation for the Imperium is improving Even More now that the threat of Dark Eldar raids, and how they impair production and resource management, has been eliminated from the galaxy!? I would imagine that the White Scars and Salamanders would be VERY HAPPY (and maybe a little “irked” that they didn’t get to extract their “pound of flesh” from those nuisances)!?
9/14/2021 c29 Guest
9/16/2021 c29 3Australian Dealer
50 Custodes bodyguards.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Shepard is now physically impossible to defeat. That means the shit about to get thrown is a big one.
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