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2/21 c34 Quyen26
:) i will see
2/16 c34 7Phrophetsam
RIP Yarrick

There's still a few people I think Shepard should meet, Saint Celestine and Ciaphas Cain foremost among them.

I can imagine her just chilling with Celestine, flying together and saving some Guardsmen who are just in awe that they're seeing two Saints at the same time.

Cain would be sweating bullets trying to keep composed and the Emperor might even butt in to have some fun at his expense.
2/15 c34 3BrightSkywalker
Every chapter is an absolute banger.
2/14 c34 Yankee718
Commissar Yarrick, you made Armageddon proud now rest in the light of the Emperor o7. Man this story gets better and better
2/14 c34 3baud001
Nice showdown.

Though I find that Shepard and Khan gave up in the face of the gargant a little too easily, like without trying to fire all anti-tank weapons on it (hey, if works on TT, can't see why it wouldn't in the lore) or trying to fly up to it and disable it/blow it up from the inside (Shepard can fly, some White Scars have jetbikes and jump pack users should be able to follow); in that case I feel the rescue by the imperial titans could still be used and would feel slightly more 'earned' in a narrative sense (trying, failing and being rescued vs giving up and being rescued).
Also I'm not a big HH specialist, but I feel like Khan (maybe not Shepard, though) would have been pragmatic enough to run from a fight that can't be won.
2/11 c34 Steve
The way existence of Ash’s corpse doesn’t bode well for the ME Milky Way… if she could get here what could get there?
2/10 c34 Guest

so cool
2/12 c34 5CopperStandard
Great to read as always, as the plot thickens... (and more importantly, advances)
2/11 c34 Socialism
That was a n intense chapter, and that ending! Just when Shep had put her past lives behind her, it slaps her right in the face completely unexpectedly.

Also, holy shit. Ash's omnitool still works after all this time?! I wish my battery was even 1% as good lol
2/11 c34 8Species Unknown
A black stone fortress hmm? Will we be getting a visit from one Admiral Spire soon? :P
2/11 c34 5Angry Madmoth
Grimaldus may be armless, but not harmless, har har.
2/11 c34 15Vanessa Masters
Poor old man of Armageddon.

But least he outlived the beast.

Oh, Ashely!? Wow!
2/11 c34 1Mattmaster112
As ever, i really look forward to a new chapter arriving! I really enjoyed the 3 way fight, Shepherd perched on Ghazaghul's head like a pigeon was amazing, as was the fight between Kharn and the Khan, though I think the end was a little short.
I really think youve got the warhammer flavour spot on, and the combat is great, but some of my favoutite bits are the down time where Shepherd interacts with the other characters, especially the impossibly large ones like the primarchs/belisarius cawl
2/11 c34 LegionAlmond
Ohhhhh yesssss, Shepherds past is coming to say hello! Very exciting!
2/10 c34 2dirtrevor
Honestly, I keep hoping Gotrex will come flying out a Daemon Portal sooner or later, basing in heads but I doubt that'll happen.
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