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6/26 c22 16SaintInfernalNeos
I mean, I COULD have told you about Alicization myself if you had voiced it, really. Though honestly, now that the next Gameverse game equivalent for it, Lycoris, is coming out soon, all the suffering of it will soon vanish from my mind too :D

On your decision, I'm honestly surprised this story even LASTED this long. No offense, it was a funny crazy thing, but it never really seemed as if you had any big or real plan, any real structure to things, any DIRECTION with the characters or consistency with how you wanted them to act. It seemed you were constantly pulling things as you went and just trying to overcomplicate some things and make others very simple just for the heck of it.

Not much to say onto the chapter itself, because of that, really. Generic beach episode, Yuuki being quite random by ALSO getting onto the quite way too open "Sugu wants Kazuto" argument and probably trying to convince her with the worst example possible and the most terrible character in the universe to pair with Sugu (Really, there are more fics of Sugu with Kirito than with Nagata, or at least with her in the Harem, and almost NOBODY likes to pair her with Kirito). So...yeah.

Onto Alice and Eugeo, i sad as much before, feels a bit forced to try and introduce them so late like this, especially with how much both relied on their character development in Canon, but I guess we will see how THAT goes iduring this last 'arc', I suppose.

Good luck finishing this and thanks for all the silly laughs! (Also, feel free too answer to this if you wanna talk about something )
6/19 c21 SaintInfernalNeos
Okay, that was actually quite hilarious, but I feel just continuously shoving Sugu in the role of cliche tsundere while trying to deal with her feelings is making her look worse and worse, really.

Also, LOL, Strea is totally gonna be all over Kazuto when they're IRL to the point Sugu is gonna explode, isn't she?

Finally, I don't really think you should have gone out of your way to use the Alicization characters if you didn't like the arc at all? Because it feels as if you're shoehorning them a bit too much lilke this...Eugeo is nothing without his backstory and, more importantly, Kirito, and it feels as if you're trying to use S30's Alice personality for this one but that Alice doesn't really meshes well with Eugeo, only with everyone's favorite idiotic black swordsman, so...it's kinda a bit forced, yeah, even if the part about him screaming about his life being a lie was hilarious XP
4/10 c20 SaintInfernalNeos
Okay, first of all, you accidentally wrote "years" where you meant to say "days", I think, unless Yui is older than modern times XD Also, man, she's DUMB...to not recognize her, I mean :P

Second, LOL, okay, the "Suguha vs Leafa" situation is...really getting out of hand, holy shit...
3/18 c19 SaintInfernalNeos
...did Kayaba just sent Strea after them to the real world or something like that? Because if that's it and she was just pretending...well, I feel sorry for him XD

Also, man, poor Sugu, that b...ehem, Asuna trying to get her Onii-chan's attention is eating her inside, and literally having a split-personality-fight over him can't be good...
2/19 c18 SaintInfernalNeos
Sorry it took so long to review, was a bit busy!

So, we got another conversation between Leafa and Sugu...still not really 100% onboard with you making them separate entities like that, but at least is amusing.

And after that, the bad guys...had breakfast with everyone XD That WAS whacky, weird and hilarious, as it fits for this story...and some sprinkled Asuna trying to pretend she's not fiercely jealous of Asuna too, now that was quite the treat :3
1/31 c17 SaintInfernalNeo
So, I have to post this one like this because Fanfiction won't let me review "the same chapter twice". Yeah, even though the chapter was erased and a new version uploaded it still counts my review of before...that's kinda dumb.

But anyway, that aside, this is honestly a much better one! It DOES feel much more on-line with the story's tone and setting, and was certainly hilarious with the Jojo's reference, and Kirito's 'mental breakdown' there at the end was hilarious XD (Though I think you forgot to put Kazuto's words in Italics, may want to check and fix that :3) Only part that still feels a bit forced was Klein/Ryo and Rika/Liz still trying to force the issue and just saying "We're gonna use your rooms so stay here". They have not only real authority to do that, they can't FORCE the issue if the siblings wanted...not only are they stronger than both of them, it's not THEIR house XP

Well, that's all I wanted to say I believe. Feel free to reply to the previous normal review if you wanna talk to me about this one. Good job!
1/29 c17 SaintInfernalNeos
Okay...seriously, what the fuck? Like...that went from 0 to ONE MILLION out of nowhere?!

First of all, regardless of one's tastes on specific stuff, if YOU YOURSELF find it freaky WHY would you include THAT in the chapter? Why SO brutal and why in general? Like, seriously, Rika being crazy was meant to be a joke, but it went waaaaay above the comfort of anyone reading the story so far right there, for seemingly no reason. Seriously, pretty sure you NEED to change the story-rating now just because you wrote that.

Then, the whole deal with Kazuto and Suguha being locked in...that achieved NOTHING and clearly just made things waaaay worse, Ryo/Klein had no right to do that and it didn't even work as a joke because of how serious everything inside the closet went (You made a mistake and wrote Sugu saying "Onee-chan", which is big sister, instead of Onii-chan, big brother, btw). Nevermind Kazuto's whole serious dilemma.

Finally, the Rika and Klein deal at the end. Just...UGH. Seriously, I was avoiding commenting at all about some hings dropped in previous chapters becuase I know I'm biased out of my personal dislike of the pairing and everything it entails, but that there at the end was too much. Nevermind how Klein is all but an OC changed in every way in this story to fit a random standard of relevant character in a very silly way, having Rika all but say in the story that she suddenly wants to fuck him felt just TOO random and out of nowhere. Seriously...

I'm terribly sorry, but I can't really find nothing really GOOD to say about this chapter...
1/25 c16 SaintInfernalNeos
Welp, that ended badly for those 3, very fast XD

Yandere Asuna is REALLY creepy, not to mention OP...seriously, Hemokinesis? That's, like, a top-tier evil power, no joke, she could have killed everyone there, but thankfully it seems her Kirito-Obsessed-mind is her greatest weakness: Compared to the calm and collected Asuna, it makes her sloppy, prone to errors and easy to trick, what with Leafa 'tricking' her there at the end...though she probably only wanted a kiss XP (Poor Suguha, though, having to deal with what her other self does later without her getting the rewards...)

Also, Kuudere Sinon was oddly fun :D
1/24 c15 SaintInfernalNeos
Gotta say, I thought this story had died, so it's kinda nice to see it hasn't :)! That said, it's sad to know your interest in SAO went down from Alicization, but it's kinda understandable for some: While it's arguably the best-written arc, it sidelines and excludes the old cast for over 90% of it, given it's mostly the story of the UDW cast and Kirito, and those that liked the series more for the rest (Which given you picked up this story I assume you're part of) may not like that much. Plus it has a lot of dark and depressing things, especially near the end...but hey, maybe you're looking forward to the Gameverse version of it like me :P? Alicization Lycoris comes out in just a few months, after all!

Onto the chapter, though, fun, crazy and short, like always. And the group is definitively gonna struggle against these 3 because of the classical magical girl tropes...also, yikes, Yandere Asuna, the worst nightmare of any of the other Kirito girls...unless you're Sugu IRL, who can just stop her cold without effort XP

That said, I still think you made a mistake by airing the "Suguha loves Kazuto" thing so early, and even more making Leafa and her separate entities. The awkwardness and rejection from his part are in full-force, and I can only cringe at imagining how Sugu must have felt when Leafa said that "but i'm not her"-line...
1/23 c15 Power Taco
11/1/2019 c4 46ptl
Seriously, best Magical Girl/Tokusatsu parody of SAO.
11/1/2019 c1 ptl
It’s hilarious how aware they are of the Magical Girl tropes.
9/24/2019 c11 16SaintInfernalNeos
Hey, don't worry about taking some time, as someone who usually has big delays with his fics, I can get why that is, don't let other people pressure you to put incomplete things :)

Regarding the chapter, short but fun. Strea is, well, Strea, and Kirito's chick-magnet aura keeps working as well on her no matter the Universe XD However, poor Sugu still has clear problems with all of this...

Also, uhm, Kayaba is gonna have to pull something massive out of his ass if he wants to convince those two, especially Yuuki, of fighting against the good guys in any way, shape or form...
9/6/2019 c10 SaintInfernalNeos
Well, the way in which they're forcing the issue aside still feels way too forced, honestly. I feel having 'revealed' THE main motivation behind the main character so early and so fast and then basically trying to force them to keep going through that was a very bad idea that's only hurting the characters...

Also, small nitpick, but the title of the chapter makes no sense: It's just the same way of saying Asuna's name in Western and Eastern ways. If Yuuki IS her sister in this Universe, she would be "Yuuki Yuuki" (LOL), not "Yuuki Asuna". Asuna is a name, not her family name XP

And woah, Strea is here! Let's see now how THAT goes down, as many usually forget the main reason for her nature and way of being in the original Gameverse timeline was because of Kirito and how she was following/stalking him and his interactions with the other girls...
8/30/2019 c10 Red-Wing2018
That bit where Strea yelled Zero-One made me think of Kamen Rider Zero-One.
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