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for Just Hold Me, I'm Lonely

7/5/2019 c1 Guest
I need to read the first one again, hang on. Ok.

Two months coming off? Do I understand that right? If so, "...contented to just be back in Grant's embrace." is definitely idealized. There might be some moments like that, but withdrawal is one of the worst fights of your life. Well, that kind of withdrawal, anyway. Caffeine withdrawal is really just an annoyance that can be powered through, aided with aspirin.

I need to rewatch season 2, I only vaguely remember the Christian part of it. I do remember the impressions I had of it and bits and pieces, but not entirely the whole thing. (I also remember this little daydream where Christian had been replaced by undercover FBI agent Peter Burke, the two bearing an uncanny resemblance to each other.)

That's ok. I needed a cold shower anyway.

Pretty good analysis of Ward. Something feels missing, but still...vetty nice.

I like the ending. Even if I would have liked to see how Skye is in these, the iron will is a very good touch. Definitely reflective, if I remember right, of Simmons around that time, beginning to develop that.

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