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10/17 c3 52Japan Boy
Oh man, that’s a shame with you not being able to continue with this story you’ve been working so hard on (with me leaving a review on each chapter), but I do understand your reasons for postponing (NOT terminating) it due to aforementioned situations.
But worry not: no matter how long you need before you get back to this story you’ve poured your heart & soul into, please remember that you will always have us for support, & that we’ve all got your back. NEVER think otherwise.
Thus, we wish you the best of luck in your job hunt, & you’ll always have a home here with some great friends.
And thanks for honoring me along with other authors that I know of! ️
6/26 c1 5Godzilla Boy
Looks pretty good! I find it kind of interesting that you included Jun Fudo and Lan Asuka from Devilman Lady and had the latter take Ryo Asuka's place, though I'm not complaining. Awesome chapter!
6/8 c3 1Drcaus
Power Rangers and My Hero Acedemia crossover
6/5 c3 Guillaume Grignard
Nice! That’s very good to know, to be honest! Good luck, anyway!
6/5 c3 12Super Comrade
I understand completely. Your life has other priorities and you need to attend to that. I'll gladly wait. And thanks for the shoutout!
6/5 c3 4MalachimKin
Take all the time you need, hope you're doing well and I can't wait to see more!
6/5 c3 11Thomas Drovin
Hi there! Welcome back at long last!

I got your message and there's no need to feel ashamed about leaving your work for so long, I TOTALLY understand that you've been busy with life in general outside this website along with the added craziness of Covid, it happens to all of us and its sometimes a lot more important.

But at least you're nice enough to keep us readers informed on what you're up to and NOT giving up, nice to see you have or or two other ideas up your sleeve too. So keep up the good work and see you next update whenever you can manage it! Good Health, Clear Body, Strong Mind!
5/25 c2 12Super Comrade
This is really good. It's a shame it wasn't updated after a while.
5/18 c2 LuxCranel000
pls update this story more often
5/18 c1 79DJ Rodriguez
Well, this is interesting to say the least. I do not have any kind of knowledge of either Devilman or Hero Academia, but I can see that Izuku has been pushed around too long and harshly, while receiving little to no help or encouragement from others. And now with what has occurred, it seems that things are going to get intense very soon for him and his lady friends.

All in all, not too bad! Keep it up!
4/29 c1 4MalachimKin
Very good, I think it's a good start so far keep up the good work.
4/6 c2 13Chronos0305
Hey dude, sorry I have to contact you this way. Blocked from giving you messages. What I am trying to tell you is it is late at night for me, I have school tomorrow, my bedroom is on the second floor, and the computer is on the first. Just a bit of a pain to have to constantly walk downstairs.
4/6 c2 agaut1999
Hey dude, it is me Chronos. Sorry I have to contact you this way. I am still blacklisted by you and can't respond so used another email. What I am trying to say is it is late at night for me and I have school tomorrow. Bedroom is on second floor, computer is on the first. And I am not going back down again. Using phone right now. Point is right now is not a good time for these messages. I am sorry I did not say so sooner
4/3 c2 Guillaume Grigna
I really love your story! To be honest, I'm not usually a good fan of harem stories, but I think I will make an exception for yours, especially after I saw how much Izuku loves Miki, Ran and Jun and I really hope they will have a good ending and a good future, surrounded by their children who will make great Pro-Heroes! Anyway, keep going like this and good luck for the writing of the next parts of your story!
4/2 c1 User Closed
likes respectful comments but allows himself to badmouth others in his comments.

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