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4/18 c3 Yagami Kuzuki
pay no mind to a pussy of a nigga who hides behind a guest account to be toxic who only ead 3 chapters hopes is mom slits his throat your story is awsome author san
3/28 c3 Guest
Welp I'm out, any story that starts out with Harry being made out to be a pathetic bitch doormat and railroaded into being abused by some femdom misandrist cunt is garunteed to be 100% a flaming pile of disgusting shit.
3/24 c25 2Schlepian
Lovely story. Quite enjoy the Tammy/Harry relationship and definitely want to see where they end up. Crouch Jr seems way to competent but I guess that makes him interesting.

If Tammy really only ever killed Myrtle on accident and had no other kills, her ease into killing Harry's Aunt seems a bit misplaced.
2/29 c25 Unahzaal-Aus
So happy to hear this story isnt dead Love it and cant wait to read next
2/28 c25 pooguy
Always great to see this fic update, I love Draco being accidentally helpful lol
2/27 c25 Audsoll
Good stuff, I'll be following along from now on
2/18 c20 Gift of Light
"I just kept writing him, and he became stronger and more skilled with time"
Yeah, from your perspective maybe, what actually happened was that he kept telling you to stop nerfing him and he typed it himself hyping himself up cause he's tired of disrespect on his name in fanfic.
2/18 c25 Yog-sothsoth
I have finally found time to read it. I am so happy that this updated. I am kinda on break from hp fandom, but this one I really like. Honestly, I woupd go as far as say that I can now return to hp fanfiction in general, exclusively thanks to you.

Loved the update.

I don't think I have seen Luna done quite like this. Certainly, there were better takes, I believe, but this one unique and very well done. Being very well done is really rare for her too. All this seer bullshit... she is pretty much my favourite canon character, but yours is so far one of the few that I really like in fanfiction.

Sirius looks very promising too. I wonder what you'll do with him. I hope they'll be friends, of course, but I have faith that I will enjoy their relationships regardless. The Hermione "betrayal" was done gloriously, after all.

If there is one thing I'm not sure if I like, then it's the fact that Tam seems just as good at alchemy as Harry, but with different inclination. I know, I know, it makes perfect sense, she is Dark Lady, genius witch and everything. It probably would be pretty weird if she sucked at it, even. But on some level I hoped that she would anyway. The balance of power still skewed, even if it gets better and better, so I may have hoped that alchemy can act as a sort of equalizer. Even though Tam probably can borrow Harry's talent just as well as he can hers.

I still hope that she would at least suck at Blood Alchemy. That way Harry can be the one to make her body. Fully. Without her help. When she would have failed there. Really, I think it is a great idea. Though I'm not the one who is writing the fic, so... I hope you don't mind ideas such as that one been thrown at you.

Their relationship is perfect though. This whole thing just hits pretty much every spot for me. I have two favourite kinds of character development: Redemption, when villain becomes hero, and Fall from Grace, when hero becomes villain. This is both. Kinda. It's not the text book redemption in Tam's case, but I feel like Harry influenced her from becoming full-blown Voldemort. It's still in the same valley. And if it isn't enough, my favourite type of romance is evil one, when two terrible people are forced to trust each other and then fall in love. It's even perfect on slowburn side!

Tam and Harry realtionship is probably the best thing in the hp fanfiction.
2/13 c24 Lindquist
I think you could take more advantage of the muggle perriod of the 1990's for Harry's new stance on muggle's. Namely that the books start in 1991 Harry would have gone to hogwarts before the fall of the USSR and the end of the cold war MAD was a concept well understood by people the idea that Hermione thinks magi are more dangerous than muggles makes little sense nothing in hp lore makes it seem like a mage could end the world when it is well known muggles can and almost did. Also 1994 (the year gobblet of fire starts in)was the year of the rawandian genocide it does not paint a pretty picture of humanity's acceptance of those who are different. I think an important scene you don't have yet is Harry and Tam thinking about a plan B should the statute suffer a cascade failure the introduction of the world wide web makes it far more likely that it will happen before political change could happen. I'm preferential to magical mars base via vanishing cabinet for quic transportation after hitching a ride on the mars global surveyor while sabotaging the mission but other options are kingdom in a cupboard using spacial expansion, or the messy option launch countries nukes and insure MAD occurs (depends on how many magical population centers line up with nuclear targets but places like hogwarts seem to be unlikely to be targets until magic is known about for a while.) In any case I like the fiction thank you for your chapters.
2/11 c25 4kikinder
That was really nice! Just binged what's out right now, and the best part about this is definitely the relationship between your protagonists!

Generally, I enjoy seeing canon fly out the window and shit hit the fan, so I'll wait and see what happens on that note, but still, everything is very much enjoyable!

Excited to see what comes next!
2/11 c25 popcornrocks13
Are... Are you bringing the fucking Fae into this story? Thats terrifying on multiple levels.
2/10 c25 SomeGuyFawkes
Entertaining chapter. Thanks for the update.
2/10 c25 3Lord Jace
I do wonder if the shadow entities are the fae trying to make a return, because the closet bit has Hedge vibes all over it.
2/10 c25 1Belden7
This update was the dopamine rush I forgot I needed. thx for giving me my fix chief
2/10 c25 4EricFreak
Well you kept to the dragons. Can't wait to see how they perform. Thanks for the chapter.
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