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6/29 c2 MarioFan88
Left in the Dark Ending 2 extension: Lincoln was sent to the hospital because of his injuries, while Luna was grounded for a year.

Making the Case Ending extension: The sisters attempt to kill Lincoln after he destroyed their trophy case.

Along Came a Sister Ending extension: The siblings decided to hide the exterminator’s body and never spoke of the incident to each other or anyone else again.

April Fools Rules Ending extension: Luan is sent to the hospital with a fractured face, and Ronnie Anne is arrested. After that, Clyde wakes up and asks what just happened.

A Tattler’s Tale Ending 1 extension: Lola gets sent to the hospital and/or dies, and Lincoln gets arrested.

Vantastic Voyage Ending 3 extension: Lily is hailed as a hero and her funeral is held with honors.

Party Down extension: Lincoln calls out Lori back because she made her friends scared of her, Lori then attacks Lincoln, only to get punished by the parents later on.

Fed Up extension: Lincoln is grounded. Simple as that.

Fools Paradise Ending 1 extension: Luan ends up on the moon, and survives after being rescued by astronauts, and after that, Lily is punished for trying to kill Luan.

Lynner Takes All Ending 1: Lynn is sent to the hospital and Lori is grounded and arrested.


Ties that Bind: The kids beat up their parents for making them believe that they were being kicked out.

No Guts no Glori: 1. Lincoln’s Head is cracked after Lola hits him in the head with Lynn Sr.’s gold club, and Lola regrets her actions. 2. Lincoln is injured after being knocked into the wall by Luna’s guitar strum, and Luna regrets her actions. 3. The siblings kick Lori out of the house and end up being grounded in the end.

Heavy Meddle: Lincoln punches Ronnie Anne, leaving his sisters horrified.

Save The Date: Lincoln snaps and lashes out at the mocking students, and then he yells at Lori and Bobby for not telling him that Ronnie Anne is Bobby’s sister.

Fools Paradise: The family attempts to abandon Luan at the motel, but the police later comes by the house because child neglect and indirect attempted murder.

Potty Mouth: Lincoln shoots Lily before she can drop the f-bomb.

Insta-gran: Lori runs over Myrtle with Vanzilla.

Kings of the Con: Lincoln and Clyde get pissed because they didn’t get the main roles, and attack the judges for being idiots, only to find out that the movie was a trap to scam people out of their money, with Lincoln’s sisters being forced to do something horrible.
6/27 c2 Ninetails
The topics that look promising

-Making The Case
-Project Loud House
-Sound of Silence
-Sleuth or Consequences
-Cover Girls
-Save the Date
-A Tattler's Tale (1)
-Fool's F***ing Paradise (1)
-Yes Man (Though he should've targeted Lola instead IMO)
-Tricked (1)

My only issue is that while your story here has a K rating, the violence for some of the ideas might just warrant it a T rating
5/1 c1 Flame Hyenard
For the one with Fool's F**king Paradise, please tell me that it involves the Loud family calling the FBI to deal with Luan's April Fool's day BS
4/29 c1 Guest
how about a potty mouth alternate ending where the parents hear the kids swearing and punish them by forcing them to spend 1 day excluding meal times with duct tape on their mouths
5/1 c1 8cabgrant
Do an aftermath of Future Tense
4/19 c2 Guest
I vote for Dance, Dance Resolution among these choices.
11/9/2019 c1 Guest
Can you add Paige into the mix
11/9/2019 c2 Guest
I'd be up for seeing the "Dance, Dance Resolution" idea since I think it would be nice to see more of the Sadie Hawkins Dates.
11/11/2019 c2 2Ronniecoln 88
Fools paradise
11/10/2019 c1 Ronniecoln 88
I wouldn’t consider Bobby or Ronnie Anne to be minor characters
10/8/2019 c2 776Shaeril McBrown
No such luck
8/31/2019 c2 Guest
I am a bit curious about what the "Dance, Dance Resolution" idea is since I think it would be nice to see more of the Sadie Hawkins Dates.
8/31/2019 c1 Gueet
You forget Tabby. Shm
9/1/2019 c2 cristhianne3
I Support this
8/31/2019 c2 5RawToonage press
You just don't know when to quit do you?
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