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12/30/2020 c1 AWolffan
This is one of the first interesting stories I have seen with Yamcha and what do I see? Some people being butthurt because their favorite saiyans are not here. Yamcha from cell saga was strong enough to beat nappa and vegeta from the saiyan saga like they were nothing im sure that whatever version you bring it would tip the scales.
12/24/2019 c12 jar02
how are they gonna grab Asta's grimoire if he's using to fight? he can't use his sword without his grimoire
12/24/2019 c12 jordanAndrew12
how they gonna grab Asta's grimoire? thats how he uses his swords in thefirst place are they just gonna go on stage and steal it? and bad guys can't steal it because thats not how grimoires work the person that owns the grimoire can only use your own grimoire it won't work for other people do you even read black clover
7/7/2019 c8 ultrasupremexardion
Don't listen to the other 2 Guest reviews. Its good you are using Yamaha instead of the Saiyans. Yamaha and the other human characters need their time to shine too. Keep it up
6/10/2019 c4 Guest
I agree with the first guy but it felt a little harsh though but still finally some one is doing a DBZ crossover with Black Clover thought. Just wish it was different though.
6/7/2019 c2 02D34th
Don't listen to the guest about using Yamcha, as long as the story is unique and good, people will read it.

P.S. Don't change something because someone's favorite character isn't the main protagonist. Screw them and keep at it.
6/3/2019 c3 berrus-sama
gust of first coment is wrong
6/1/2019 c1 Guest
Oh my god somebody finally made a dragon balls and Black Clover crossover finally. BUT from what i’ve read it seems that you miss the mark with this. For a very long time I had hoped for someone to make a dragon ball and Black Clover crossover but seem as if it were never gonna happen. I have some notes on what was wrong I don’t want to sound harsh and sorry if it seems that way. One the character you chose Yamcha is a low valued character that lacks the ability to possibly move the story along especially in a crossover. You need a character from DBZ like Goku or Vegeta who are skilled enough to in there area of specialty that can help Asta. Two is the introduction of the two characters it had no build up to it no explanation to why Asta or Yamcha even meet. Three is when deciding when to do a DBZ crossover there is a key factor that must be established which is what arc from the DBZ world will this crossover take place after also including the Black Clover world as well. Four when doing so choosing the arc you have think of which arcs to choose from in order to advance the plot to form the story you want to tell, an example being like a DBZ crossover where the events in DBZ take place after the Majin Buu arc where Goku or Vegeta lands in the Black Clover World during the Underwater Temple Arc.
A short version of my notes to summerise everything is
1 Don’t use Yamcha
2 Better introduce the 2 or more characters from either world using Goku Vegeta or Future Trunks
3 Have the arcs in mind first, likely anything after the cell arc and Magic Knights selection arc.
4 Always remember how those arcs are going to create your story later on.
5 the most important of all, this must be remembered do not disregard this crucial piece of information
Don’t use Yamcha ever! Or Krillin.
With best hopes in your writing.
PS Thank you very much for atleast doing what no one else did, you gave hope to me thank you.

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