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10/20/2023 c1 Guest
Only Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit are God! Nobody else!
2/4/2021 c7 Palacegirl
Its been a while. Love it can't wait for more. Stay safe :)
11/12/2020 c7 Palacegirl
I love it, it so cute. I know it's been a year since you last updated this story, I hope you continue it. I hope your okay, I looking forward to reading the next chapter :)
10/17/2020 c7 8multyfangirl21
Ok now I'm remembering that funny video of puppers being protective of their pregnant human moms, to the point that they're growling at the father.
I'll be looking forward to reading the next chapter and Jack and Sally's big reveal. Will Dr Finkelstein and Jewel be taking on the position of grandparents?
5/9/2020 c7 4djgirl911
I'm really enjoying this story, there arent nearly enough Nightmare Before Christmas fanfics. I know it's been a while since you updated but I really hope to see more of it.
5/3/2020 c1 annie
I honestly think this is adorable his has enough romance to make the story not seem like fanfiction
7/24/2019 c7 30GodlyJewel
Aww I love Zero's reaction to the baby. Kinda reminds me of when Lady meets Jim Jr. for the first time.
7/23/2019 c7 2Tripledent
It's cute how Jack and Sally are so in love. Others would have to have become suspicious over how much time off Jack was taking, I wonder if he'll get much paternity leave? Zero was cute too, although I hope he eases up on his defensiveness once everyone knows about the pregnancy.
7/19/2019 c7 11Svinorita
I find Zero's protectiveness of his mistress incredibly sweet :) That is one clever pup! Also, I wonder how the Mayor will react when he actually does find out the reason behind Jack's frequent absences as of late? Knowing him, it will probably be something overdramatic and no doubt hilarious...

Keep up the great work, Hannah! You are doing an amazing job with building the suspense in this story :)
7/19/2019 c7 159CJS51703
Zero: ever protective. My dog isn’t smart enough to do something like that... Anyways, nice chapter!
7/14/2019 c6 2Tripledent
That was a bit of nice expectant parent stuff. I wonder when Jack and Sally are going to make the news more widely known, unless they want to keep Sally in seclusion until the baby is born - but surely they won"t be doing that?
7/13/2019 c5 Tripledent
Hey, you're one of those people who knows that fingers and thumbs aren't the same things, but they ARE all digits! Sally really is up for the whole motherhood thing, she wants five before even the first comes along! Jack was worried that he was supposed to be scary to kids, but also Sally pointed out that he was good with the kids in town, interesting contrast, as the child is a Halloween Town creation it shouldn't be an issue, but that didn't stop Jack having one more thing to be worried about.
7/8/2019 c6 30GodlyJewel
Haha I love it when the baby doesn't want to kick. It makes for adorable pouts on the dad's part. And even better was Sally wanting to wait till the baby is born to find out its gender. Normally I'm more not he side to know beforehand, but given this is Jack and Sally, it'll be funnier to watch him have to be patient.

Loved all the baby names. You got some really good suggestions. Guess it'll be a while before we learn the baby's true name. Can't wait!
7/8/2019 c6 11Svinorita
Aw! The way these two lovebirds carry on is so adorable, xD. You are doing a very good job keeping the baby's gender a mystery (personally I am hoping it will be a boy, but Sally's intuition seems to suggest otherwise...) Either way, I am very excited at the prospect of meeting the little Skellington when he or she comes along :)

Jack's concern over how the additional weight of the baby might affect Sally's balance made me laugh, xD. I mean she's pretty unsteady on her feet to begin with, being a doll and whatnot, so I can only imagine that she's going to find it a little challenging to keep her balance as her pregnancy progresses...

Keep up the wonderful work, my friend! This is turning out to be a very heartwarming and exciting story :)
7/8/2019 c6 159CJS51703
Very nice chapter. Just what I needed to see before going into work today.
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