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for Eyes Up, Jane Shepard

9/27 c8 1NaniteSystems
Hey, fantastic work. Ambitious-in a good way. Well written too. Looking forward to the next chapter, you know how it is :)
8/29 c5 Anon
Loving it so far!
8/22 c8 1alevel3mage
nice chapter looking forward to next years.
8/12 c8 Salamandra134
Would be Jane learn different classes of a Titan? Shepard-Sunbreaker... It would be HOT (Pun intended)
8/5 c8 Tseiqyu
Honestly fuck this website and its inability to work correctly, I'm going to follow this on Ao3 instead.
7/26 c8 2Gianfranco Cembran
Interesting chapter
7/24 c8 Guest-Questioner
The website has been breaking apart since YEAR'S ago,
it is apparently stated that, F.F.N has a time limit up to at most, 2028 and then~ poof! (O_O)
7/23 c8 3Apex Primus
I love this!
I love seeing the way your write Jane and the Light, plus the way this story is changing canon. And, oh man, I want to know what's up with the corridors!
What is the guard seeing?
7/21 c8 8Jebest4781
Looks well so far.
7/21 c1 Echo-27
Pepple/characters Always keep assuming the Gardener's form is 'Dead'. XD

Damn hell them (this time it's the players) of not reading or bothere remembering the new Lore feats after Shadowkeep era.
7/21 c8 22edboy4926
Awesome chapter
Nice to see this is back.
7/21 c8 Itharax
Always lovely to see this get updated!

Have a great day!
6/9 c1 Doccer
12/19/2021 c7 3Marcellasnow231
Here’s why my suggestion on political scandals in my previous review is important. It exposes potential weaknesses in each species’ systems, and explains why each species have certain rules in places. The Ardat-Yakshi monastery, for instance, exposes the Asari tendency to conceal things that need to be public knowledge, and it did cost them big time in Mass Effect 3.
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