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for Eyes Up, Jane Shepard

5/15/2023 c9 Dasgun
5/15/2023 c9 musizlover2008
4 years and only 9 chapters?
5/14/2023 c9 shypunk
thanks for the chapter and for writing
5/14/2023 c9 Itharax
Oh! It’s awesome to see this updated! Man, I missed this. I can’t wait to see what happens next! Especially with the Hive in the equation…

Have a great day!
5/14/2023 c9 ScreamingStuka
A pleasant suprise! and here comes the Hive...
Admittedly forgot about this story, but great to see that it's still going!
5/14/2023 c9 hardcore5432
this is a great story there aren't enough destiny stories
5/14/2023 c9 8Jebest4781
Quite good on how this was done here. Keep up the good work.
5/14/2023 c9 22edboy4926
Holy shit you updated!

Good chapter.
And the Hive are here to play!

Any chance that somehow ME's Titan gets replaced with D's Titan in the future, you know the one that has a Taken Sloan and quite possibly a friendly Leviathan?
9/27/2022 c8 1NaniteSystems
Hey, fantastic work. Ambitious-in a good way. Well written too. Looking forward to the next chapter, you know how it is :)
8/29/2022 c5 Anon
Loving it so far!
8/22/2022 c8 1alevel3mage
nice chapter looking forward to next years.
8/12/2022 c8 Salamandra134
Would be Jane learn different classes of a Titan? Shepard-Sunbreaker... It would be HOT (Pun intended)
8/5/2022 c8 IncessantNovember
Honestly fuck this website and its inability to work correctly, I'm going to follow this on Ao3 instead.
7/26/2022 c8 2Gianfranco Cembran
Interesting chapter
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