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for Eyes Up, Jane Shepard

4/16/2021 c5 IncessantNovember
I wonder what kind of changes would cause her to die, and if she does, will she manage to do it out of sight
4/13/2021 c5 Itharax
First off, AN UPDATE! YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS! Great chapter! Absolutely loved it! Second, as to your question in the note before the chapter about what a ship with a ship is called. I got interested myself so I looked it up. The closest I could find was called a “cargo ship”. Basically this is a ship(s) between a person and an inanimate object. Now, I know that they are both AI but from what I thought to have this fit would be that Nox would be the “person” in the relationship given that he has/runs on Light from The Traveler which is *kind of* like their (ie other Ghosts) soul, which would make Nox animate (or at least more so than EDI). As opposed to this, EDI is just (for lack of a better term) an AI that was built/made by humans... and I don’t actually know what she runs on... probably Eezo if I had to guess... plus she’s the ship in the ship I hope that makes sense. Sorry for the slight rant. . Anyway, once again great job!

Have a great day!
4/13/2021 c5 3Apex Primus
Ahhhhhh, shiiiiiit.
Loved the chapter, especially Jane's initial reaction to the Illusive Man and his plans. And that tender moment between Jane and Liara was really nice.
Can't wait to see where the story leads!
4/13/2021 c5 Question
We know Parallel Realities exist in Destiny Canon thanks to the Wish Eating Dragons and Simulations of the Infinite Forest (Clarke’s Third Law right?)...

If this is a Shepard who becomes a Guardian but there is no Traveler on her version of Earth but her Ghost comes from a different reality or version of Earth with a Traveler. They are connected and through the mighty power of the Traveler is it possible both versions of their Earth(s) to combine now that they are connected? (Kinda how Elizabeth can merge realities in Bioshock Infinite when she opens Tears because she initially exists across realities).

Technically, Ghosts are apart of the Traveler and the Soul is a form of Lifht
4/13/2021 c5 Question
We know parallel realities exist in Destiny thanks to things like the Wish Dragons and Infinite Forest (Clarke’s Third Law?)...

If this is a Shepard who became a Guardian but there is no Traveler, will the reality
4/13/2021 c5 Dasgun
4/12/2021 c5 BorgCubeN7
I just want to say that this is quickly turning into one of my favorite ME stories. I almost hope Legion joins the crew earlier than cannon just to see everyone have to deal with 3 wildly different AIs. I feel like it would be EDI who proposes the idea of pranks, Nox would whole heartedly agree, and then the 2 of them would peer pressure Legion into aiding and abetting.
4/12/2021 c5 1JintoLin
Jane brings up a great point i never thought about how would a Guardian look under a medial scan seeing as they are Zombies that just look alive so it is understandable why Shep was avoiding the doctor.

Figure EDI won't be 'free' intil they are able to get Miranda on their side and people understand following Shepard is the better choice for humanity than following TIM.
4/12/2021 c5 3Sm0keyPanda
D’aww, nothin’ but feels this chapter, and I love it.
4/12/2021 c5 The True Skull
Distance should not be a problem for the Traveler it is literal an Inverse level being and responsible for the existence of Reality as we know it for Destiny. Something so paltry as distance should not stop a being capable of literally viewing alternate realities. ( This is how she terraformed thenplanetsnof the sol system )
4/12/2021 c5 4Marcellasnow231
A few thoughts here and there... the corporate world of the Mass Effect series is notoriously cutthroat. It wouldn’t be a far stretch if the shareholders hired Thane to dispose of Nassana Dantius after her questionable decisions caused DantiusCorp to take a nosedive. They probably knew that Nassana would find a way back into the affairs of the company. So they decided that she should be dealt with, permanently.

There’s also parallels between Willa Bray and Nassana in that they had their sisters killed off. Ana Bray was resurrected as a Guardian centuries later, and she’ll probably have a good in-depth understanding of corporate politics. Her analysis of Nassana Dantius’ situation would be quite insightful.

It would be interesting if there were rumours of tax evasion in the Dantius family and it turns out to be true... which leads to Justicars and the Asari Republics’s equivalent of the IRS storming the Dantius family compound some months after Nassana’s would be quite the media circus in Asari circles.
4/12/2021 c5 Supersonicfan1107
I cant wait to see how much more hardy Jane really is compared to most others, lmao. Nox saying she's gonna die is just gonna make her subconscious try and make sure she WONT die lol. Besides. I think its rather funny that throughout the whole Vanilla story of Mass Effect, that Commander Shepard only dies TWICE. So I like to think that Nox will be rather surprised at how she just refuses to die. And I feel kinda sad about how she'll be the first human who will have to struggle with adapting to being a lot older now. She won't know what its like to be old, until MUCH, much later in life. That's what most people don't think about when talking about longer lifespans or immortality. Nobody realizes that if you live longer, then you're naturally gonna see more death in your lifetime. Humans aren't really built to handle that much stress unfortunately. The brain deteriorates over time. Too much trauma will take its toll on anybody. No matter how tough you are. And Jane has much more trauma than most. unfortunately. So if she's gonna live longer, she might not die of old age. But her mind might snap if she doesn't figure out how to get a handle on keeping her stress in check. If I was her, I would hate seeing someone like Chakwas dying of old age. Someone like her, always seemed like the Commander's maternal figure for when she was enlisted with the Alliance. Even if your particular version of Sheppard still has their parents. Chakwas is likely one of the few people who would understand Shepard on an emotional level and would know how to help them. This will be interesting to see how Jane deals with her new features. And as always. Nice read!
3/17/2021 c4 1Indecisive Bob
I love this. I also love the less-restricted EDI since they’re launching almost 2 years early - these little details are great. I’ll admit, I only have a casual understanding of Destiny lore from playing through Destiny 2 once, but seems like that’ll be enough for this story. Looking forward to where this goes!
3/2/2021 c2 Chryseum
Honestly she should give a few conditions to joining with them, such as the fact that they cannot allow any xenophobes to be on her ship and such. If Cerberus truly isn't like the few 'rogue' parts, then they should easily be able to gather a crew together that isn't racist right?
3/1/2021 c4 Supersonicfan1107
hehe. Just wait till they make alien robot babies haha
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