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for Lies, Traitors and Blood Shed

9/29/2019 c17 2Elise Deschat
Interesting cliffie… Clay appears to be getting better, from his physical maladies anyway... but the psyche, another thing completely... it may never be the same... can Foggin be the help Clay needs, or the last straw sending him over the edge?

More food for thought...
9/29/2019 c17 Shellymae88
GREAT chapter..I really am enjoying this story. Update soon please!
9/29/2019 c17 KazooKaren
What a heavy back story! No wonder Clay doesn’t share what happened on his last team. Clay will gave even more to deal with than Jason first thought.
9/23/2019 c16 Guest
Really good chapter!
9/23/2019 c16 Liz
Enjoying your story and looking forward to the next chapter.
9/21/2019 c16 Barbara Boudreau
Normally I would say Sonny or Jason, but I think they would be too emotional with Clay so ill. I would prefer Emma, because she can remain calm and knows him so well, but that isn't feasible given her being in school. So. I would suggest either Ray, Trent or Brock.
9/21/2019 c16 Guest
Jason or Emma
9/21/2019 c16 Guest
Jason or trent
9/21/2019 c16 Guest
Stella and Jason
9/21/2019 c16 Maureen
Jason of course. Also would love to have Ash come around and as usual make Clay miserable. Would love the team be there to protect Clay from this toxic man, who I truly believe was physically abusive to Clay when he was a kid. I think there is so much more tot the Ash story, than just not being there for hi . Would love him to try to push his way back into Clay’s life now that he is unable to to tell Ash to get lost. Just a thought. Ash is a really big disturbing issue in Clay’s life and the truth about what a physically abusive father he was and is. Love this story, thank you for it. You are an excellent writer
9/21/2019 c16 Lou
Definitely Sonny! Would love to see all of them take a turn.
9/23/2019 c16 mendenbar
Not good, not good at all!
9/22/2019 c16 KH1985
Great chapter! Love it. Can't wait for Sonny's reaction when he finds out his best friend no longer remembers him. He's going to take it hard, I reckon. Looking forward to the next chapter.
9/22/2019 c16 47burnmedown
Oh goodness, that was a gut punch! I was getting a very ominous feeling reading about how severe Clay's head injury was, but the partial amnesia still caught me by surprise. What a hard thing to face for all of Bravo, realizing that their brother doesn't even remember them; and for Clay, how terrible to lose such a hugely important section of his life. I can't wait to see where you will take this and how you will resolve this storyline.
9/22/2019 c16 Shellymae88
ooooh so did NOT see that coming! Great job!
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