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for Lies, Traitors and Blood Shed

9/22/2019 c16 Irish1969
That was gutwrenching! I can't even imagine how the others are going to react. Looking forward to more!
9/22/2019 c16 2Elise Deschat
Good chapter, not as bad a cliffie, as Clay is safe, but no memories of the Teams, Oh boy! Now I feel sorry for Sonny...
9/22/2019 c16 lanteaddicted1
9/22/2019 c16 Megth
I definitely would love to see a lot of Clay in pain and struggling with what happened and comforted by Jason and Sonny and Cerberus thrown in for some extra comfort. Love to see Clay in so much pain and Jason worried because the kid is not getting better and he can’t do anything for him and Trent having to explain what Clay is going through.
9/21/2019 c16 purplehaz97
Sunny, Brock w/ Cerberus, or Jason. Maybe some Brian; hallucination or dream wise. Definitely no Stella or Emma.
9/21/2019 c16 Maddygirl76
Emma please
9/21/2019 c16 24tomfeltonlover1991
I want to see Emma maybe please.
9/21/2019 c16 12sarasidle3
I would live to see Ash try and get to see him and meet Bravo Team xx
9/21/2019 c16 7lauren2381
I want to see Emma :)
Or if we can't have Emma, Jason
9/21/2019 c15 4Elizabeth810
I just love this story so much! I would love to see Sonny and Jason at the hospital with a struggling and in pain Clay. I need Clay to have some brain damage and to see Jace and Sonny help him trough it.
9/21/2019 c16 KazooKaren
Jason or Sonny or both would be good I think. Then again I guess it depends on if Clay will be “good” right away or take time to show he’ll recover. I don’t know! That’s why I read these great stories instead of writing them lol. Whatever you decide will be fine.
9/21/2019 c16 1NetMyne01
The whole of Bravo team, but if that’s not possible then definitely Sonny and Jason.
Thank you!
9/21/2019 c16 Chgrgal
I would like to see all of them be able to sit with Clay. If they have to rotate that’s fine.
9/13/2019 c15 mendenbar
I really don't know what to say about this chapter. There is so much going on and yet we are all standing in place waiting to see if Clay wakes up and just how he is going to be. You are so very good at this sort of exposition, you capture all their feelings very, very well.
9/9/2019 c15 Barbara Boudreau
Truly wonderfully written. Can't wait for Chapter 15.
Many thanks!
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