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for Lies, Traitors and Blood Shed

6/13/2019 c4 Guest
Idea one please
6/13/2019 c4 Guest
I really Need to read about how the Guys will react when they find out that Clay is involved in this op.
I love the team being protective of him.
6/13/2019 c4 Shannon
update on clay. Also interested to see when Jason finds out that the 6th man is clay.
6/13/2019 c4 guest

Though we have had 2 chapters with the team and only 1 with Clay
6/14/2019 c4 KyGrace
I feel that you should shift back to Clay for your next chapter before Bravo's flight. Just please don't make the twist so horrible that you can't put him back together whole again... please?!
6/13/2019 c4 bcblueeyes
Update on Clay please. You left him in precarious circumstances!
6/13/2019 c4 Irish1969
If the team knew that their kid was missing, I would say cover the flight. But since they don't know the 6th man is their 6 ... I say go with the update on Clay.
6/13/2019 c4 Shellymae88
hummmmmm I can see why you are struggling...I'd go with Idea 2 first then One...better yet...make it a SUPER long chapter and do both LOL!
6/13/2019 c4 kookiemonster318
my vote is idea 1
6/13/2019 c4 4Elizabeth810
Update on Clay!
6/13/2019 c4 2Elise Deschat
update on Clay for my choice
6/13/2019 c4 1Readerholic90
Clay first, but maybe a bonus chapter the next day so we aren't as sad
6/13/2019 c4 NorthernLaw738
update on clay
6/9/2019 c3 Lou
What a fantastic I hope you update quick. You’ve set this up to be a huge moment once the guys learn (or maybe figure out on their own) that it’s Clay who is the sixth man. Great job so far! I’m kinda hoping Mandy and Blackburn find out first and have to tell them. Someone better hold Sonny back!
6/11/2019 c3 Chgrgal
Excellent story so far Can't wait for the next update. Hopefully it will include Something Of Clay's status.
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