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12/16/2019 c1 ContinueFreak
While Ash is out of character, let's keep one thing in mind:his reasons are accurate as ****.
The entirety of S&M in a nutshell
8/11/2019 c1 6Lightningblade49
you going to expand upon this I assume it's a good start.
8/6/2019 c1 13Wiley E Coyote
While to a point, I can see where your coming from, keep in mind this is the first tournament in a region that is not battle focused. Keeping it open invite works to garner attention which is something that needs to be done quite a bit in order for a full fledged Pokemon league, so making the trial the gym badges would work of everyone had a year to do so. Plus while the trials are important to the culture, in the anime, they are a vehicle for growth over being glorified gym badges.
I've also read your other works and I have to say, quit complaining abou battles. In Alola the amount of people to have a confirmed number of Pokemon greater than 2 can be counted on one hand: Ash, Gladion, and Lusamine.
7/21/2019 c1 6Fanfictionranger
Dang this is good! :D
6/9/2019 c1 StoicHyena
I would agree that this is an ooc moment for Ash. At the same time, though, I thought it was pretty neat seeing him picking apart everything wrong that's happening. I especially liked the part where Ash & Guzma realized that Team Rocket has a z-ring while Guzma doesn't. Nanu facing repercussions for giving criminals a z-ring would be very interesting to see.
6/2/2019 c1 Guest
Okay this seems like a decent concept, but I feel that it’s going way too fast.

Ash is completely out of character, and frankly, is just being a jerk. I don’t think any decent person would just basically say “you’re all weak”, even if it was true, because that’s really mean. Ash is ten, he’s not really mean and finds others’ feelings very important. This Ash I capable of working work, but there’s not enough buildup to justify why he’s acting like this.

Ash shouldn’t also be saying things that undermine his pokemon’s well being. If Rowlet like the everstone, than he’d let him keep it, again, Ash values his friend’s feelings over battling better than people.

Another thing, is that Ash seeks out fun things to do. He doesn’t battle to win, he does it because it’s fun for him. When he chose to go to the Pokémon school, he chose to do so because it was fun, making him act like this was a completely worthless experience when he made friends and had fun with them is really weird.

If you’re gonna go with the more serious route and have Nanu be persecuted for giving a power up to criminals (which I think is a pretty cool idea) you should apply it to other characters Ash met that we’re abusing their position to get off Scott free. Surge sent tons of Pokémon to the ER with no remorse, Sabrina flat out tortured people, Giovanni and Malva are actual criminal, and Pryce, Skyla, Clemont, and Volkner wouldn’t even do their jobs without Ash.

Anyways, I feel that you have a really good concept, I think you should slow down though if you’re gonna make Ash this hard on everyone though
6/2/2019 c1 56Animation Adventures
This. Just all of it.

Like Ash, I thought at first Z-Moves were really cool, but now? They're really flashy and boring, several of them especially look like overkill.

Then there's the thing with the Island Challenge and the League, I get Pokemon is a kids' first property, but there HAS some kind of political pushback over it. A tumblr user once pointed out how much stronger the SM games and anime would have been if there was a subplot of Kukui pushing for the League while getting resistance from people wanting to uphold Alola's traditions. And Ash's classmates participating in the league? No thank you.

Ash's team in SM is a mess. Aside from Pikachu as a mainstay and Torracat, we've got a narcoleptic Rowlet, random Meltan, and used to have Poiple, which isn't even a proper Pokemon. Ash's chances of winning are even lower than Unova and Kanto, and that's saying something.
6/1/2019 c1 7JuptileNamudori253
Can someone make this canon pls? Thanks a lot for helping SM be not so screwed up~
6/1/2019 c1 1SunMoon6798
Hey, welcome. So look a warning given you are writing a Pokemon story. Farla, St Elmo's Fire, Talarc, Spencer841, Handle Criticism Maturely, and a few others are known bullies on this site who review only to destroy stories and promote drama.

They will push their believes down your throat, demand you redo your story to fit their wants and no, they are the super minority and hated by the fandom. They also tend to post pms publicly so responding to them is ill advised.

They start off with a disclaimer about honestly thinking it would help. It doesn't they want you to be screwed over as they complain about trival nonsense that got their panties in a twist.

They think Pokemon is slavery. That you should capitalize the way they want, fyi Pokemon names are not species names and that's been officially recongized in modern English. So yes it's correct to capitalize Pikachu for instance. Oh, and they give out false dialogue formatting (It's "Hello," She said dialogue is a seperate sentence). Spend time putting out a text block of non issues that are not going to help you. Don't get me started on Arceus.

What's worse is they all try to pass it off as them being critics in their reviews. Any review with it in the begining should be ignored if you get it.

Oh and if they say that they are being bullied. Know that they are lying as they been doing it too this fandom for years now and are just pissed that a group are working to stop it. The admins told them to knock it off.

If that's not enough on my profile is proof its utter nonsense. oh and if there is a guest reviewer titled "Take Down Hybrid" know that is's actually Handle Criticism Maturely the biggest of all of Farla's supporters and an utter troll who only doing this shit because Hybrid gave her criticism. The girls gone off the deep end and into complete insanity.

Best to remove it.

Speaking of them they had twice agreed to stop but don't. Even after being told to stop by the admins, their friends, and even random strangers. Right now they are somehow convinced that Hybrid, a woman, is a man.

If they claim they have proof don't. Its all utter nonsense land they been told by the admins to take it down.

As for the users you need to block and how, you block by heading to heading too the toolbar were you posted a story. Click on account and you should see the option to block users. The add their id numbers.






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