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6/29/2020 c21 anon
Hi Mikelson19! Ibsaw that you recently posed a updat in this story i was wondering if you would still continue your story "Finally found you"

I am hoping that you will not abandon that story :))
6/30/2020 c21 brachelle80
I love this story
6/29/2020 c21 forestreject
6/29/2020 c21 2Lucy Greenhill
Hey! Great chapter! Can’t wait for the next one! xoxo
6/29/2020 c21 2ZodiacsKlaroline
Glaring angry at author. How could you give us such a short chapter? More more I say More. Please _ Please don't keep us waiting to long.
6/29/2020 c21 AvalonRivers
Ha, in Roberts face! Thank you so much for the update!
6/25/2020 c20 Winter kiss
Hope you update again soon! I really enjoy this story!
6/16/2020 c20 2Lucy Greenhill
Hey! Great chapter! Can’t wait for the next one! xoxo
6/15/2020 c20 Bella-swan11
Tywin you must plan for the future, your daughter will destroy your legacy; your son Jaime must marry so that he has legitimate children who can continue the name Lannister; because your grandchildren the children of Cersei are a disappointment to you. Rhaegar will soon do your children justice, you have not thought to talk to Rayne about using her magic on Elia so she can have other children; Because Elia deserves to be a mother again and this time you want to do things well with your children.
6/14/2020 c19 Diane
I don't know why sirius and sev are worrying about tywin, baelish, and cersie. Sirius and sev are wizards, they can find ways to kill those three without putting suspicion on Jon and company. A dead tywin is a good tywin. A dead Baelish is a good baelish. Once those 2 are dead it will be a lot easier to handle cersie and Lysa. And once tywin is dead it will be a lot easier to undermine the alliances he built. I don't know why Jon and company even allowed tywin to live long enough to make those alliances. They should have killed tywin right away.
6/14/2020 c20 forestreject
6/13/2020 c1 iHateHotWeather123
Don't you dare go and pair Draco with that self-entitled, little bitchwhore that is Dany in canon..Draco deserves better! Seriously, going that route would've been overly done by EVERY fanfic with Dany getting the Throne from Sirius which she doesn't deserves nor has the rights too..Sirius is already married to the female version Vis...Why couldn't you have gotten Draco with Luna! Don't get the lame-ass, cliche route of Draco and WHORE/DANY! URGH! So overly done it's not even funny; plus her canon self is SUCH a TURN-OFF!
6/13/2020 c20 Hadrian.Caeser
6/13/2020 c20 rinne.gremory.97
Hay muchas gracias por actualizar me encanta esta historia continúa pronto siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Ahora me pregunto si el anormal hijo de Cercei cuando sea coronado no intentará algo contra Jon sólo para poder comprometerse con Rayne aunque no creo ella es peligrosa además ella con una simple orden los grifos que Sirius le dio a la familia Baratheon los atacarán a todos de la forma más cruel posible
Robb se va a quedar con Daenerys porque ellos me parecen una pareja super linda
Con quien vas a emparejar a Draco
Theon va a ser un traidor o será fiel a la familia y conocer a a una chica que lo ponga en su lugar
Ramsay quedaría bien como un aliado para los chicos ya que su sed de sangre y locura como que me recuerda a Belatrix
Va a aparecer algo sobre el mundo original de Rayne un plan del viejo lesbiano de Dumbledore para traerlos de regreso al mundo mágico
Remus y otros chicos llegarán a este nuevo mundo para ser también aliados para la familia Talgaryen

Saludos desde Argentina Mendoza
6/13/2020 c20 AvalonRivers
War is near... Thanks for the update!
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