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22h c40 Jemma Blackwell
Moss rose would be a good choice. Any flower that blooms most of the year would probably be an annual. Those do not require too much water and they have new blooms daily. Lobelia is another annual I have grown that I like. It has small flowers but lots of them.
And I am absolutely horrified that you had Sirius split his soul 3 times. That is going too far.
6/24 c14 Jemma Blackwell
Everyone always bitches at him, but I never see how he could have done any better. Or could they!
6/24 c1 Jemma Blackwell
You scared me when you mentioned his death.
6/21 c37 2PaulinaNyghthart
you know you can't sit here and have issues with Severus while sitting here and also praising Sirius. as much as Severus was bitter, Sirius never stopped being a bully.
6/12 c50 Nikol 1987cz
Wonderful And amazing Story about strong Sírius And how a love
Please continued soon
6/4 c50 DANTE88
Hola. Esta historia me encanta . ¿ Vas a continuarla/terminarla? ¿ Habrá segunda parte?
5/31 c20 TLD110166
Vella should be Veela. You have it misspelled in several places.
5/31 c10 TLD110166
A couple of spelling errors I noticed. It should be paid not payed, and razed to the ground, not raised to the ground.
5/31 c2 TLD110166
A couple of spelling errors. It's parseltongue and the floo network.
5/29 c50 NaoSoul
So, I have very much so enjoyed the writing and the story so far and I am looking forward to the conclusion very much.
There are only 2 things in this story that have bothered me a lot, but because I truly enjoyed the story so much I have kept reading despite them.

Hopefully you take this constructively, and I will try my best to make it so.

Sirius has some unexplained motivations behind his interactions and actions towards Kreacher and Lupin, in which he resents certain actions those 2 characters took without ever properly exploring or addressing the context or the reasons as for why those actions happened.

Kreacher is simple: Sirius accused him or as good as having killed Regulus for not seeking help, but he was under Regulus orders to tell nobody and it was impossible to disobey, so he could never have asked Sirius for help.

As for Lupin, it is fine to write Sirius as someone who resents Lupin, but if you don't properly explore the reasons behind Lupins actions and address them, then it just feels like senseless bashing on part of the author. I am not saying that is what happened here, but that is what it feels like.

1) Sirius accuses him of not trusting him despite their friendship, but Sirius didn't trust Lupin either.
2) Sirius scorns Lupin, but is friendly to McGonagall despite both fo them being equality "guilty"

3) Sirius resents Lupin for not taking care of Harry, without ever addressing the very reasonable reasons why Lupin would keep his distance, such as the fact that as a close friend of the Potters, Lupin would no doubt be watched by many who wished to find Harry location. There is also the fact that he was deeply insecure and traumatized due to his condition as a werewolf and his fear of biting someone.

4) The books never explain who knew about where Harry was. We know that Dumbledore and McGonagall knew as they left him with the Dursleys, but with Dumbledore's "need to know" paranoia, they might as well be the only ones to know and for all that Lupin knew, Harry was happy and well cared for.

Sorry, I went on a rant. Let me try to shorten my criticism:
Tl;DR: When writing conflict between two characters that doesn't exist in the original work, it is better to try and explore the reasons for that conflict fairly on both sides, otherwise, it comes across as bashing, something this community is extremely guilty of.
In this story, it is explored one sidedly from Sirius's perspective without him ever truly exploring or questioning Lupin's reasons, which are mostly reasonable in my opinion.

Again, I truly do appreciate the story and work and I look forward to how it concludes. Thanks for writing.
Sorry this got this long.
5/19 c50 Guest
This is easily the best fic I’ve ever read. Looking forward to next chpater! :)
5/16 c50 Guest
Well what a twist, great chapter
5/9 c50 Guest
God that’s so chapter I just wanna say fuck remix fuck that piece of shit like he has any right to say anything or have any opinion in any of the discussions happening fuck that piece of shit.
5/9 c44 Guest
It kind of pisses me off that everyone seems to make time for Dumbledore when he’s ready to see them if he comes to your house without invitation or summon you to his office it seems like most people seem to have no problem in making time for him. I do like the fact that this isn’t the powerful Dumbledore that can do nothing without any restraints because I don’t believe that’s what he was in Canon he was just very manipulative and no one questioned him and it always take me off.
5/9 c42 Guest
I don’t understand why this harry is so suspicious since he believes everything everyone else says without question. I just get so annoyed with him since his guardian has shown him nothing but respect and understanding things he claims that he wants and yet he still an asshole. I honestly believe this is what Canon Harry would be something happened to that boy once he went to Hogwarts but he no longer respected anyone unless it fell under Dumbledore order. If Dumbledore gave the person approval he would trust him to the end of the earth except for Snape it just irritates me that this guy is actually being respected by an adult and being treated correctly and he such an asshole towards that person fucking asshole.
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