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5/1 c1 7Praemonitus
I really liked your story. It was tender and sweet. I wish you had developed it more.

I’ve been around a few pregnant women and I can tell you that it is an emotional roller coaster for them and confusing for everyone around them. It would have been fun to see Eliot and some of the team deal with that. Morning sickness is pretty awful but you could have given us some details there anyway. Does Eliot hold her hair and get her crackers after or does the whole thing make him queasy too?

I did feel like we walked into the middle of the story so I hope that you write us a little more backstory as well some time. How did they fall in love? When did they both know it? How did the team deal with it? Does this relationship make Eliot take fewer risks on a job?

Thanks for writing this story! I hope you write more. I’ve always shipped E&T as a couple too!
6/7/2019 c1 WolfhoundLove1
Congratulations on your first story. Tara and Eliot make an interesting pair.
My daughter is a writer. To all new writers she always tells them to read all different kinds of books and stories from many different authors both current and older. You'll always learn something new. Second to be the thankful for true constructive criticism. Get someone to be a beta reader for your work. Lastly to never stop writing.
Best of luck to you!
6/4/2019 c1 Guest
I love Eliot & Tera! They just seemed to have great chemistry. Congrats on your 1st fanfic! I think it's great! I really do hope you'll continue with it! As you said, there is not enough them,
6/2/2019 c1 GUEST

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