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9/17 c3 1dinkycharlie
Wow I finally got back to reading esca fics after rewatching the series again. I've been gone for a while but I immediately went to look for your page to see if you wrote something new. And BAM there it is. I hope, you continue the story. It is soooo good!
8/12 c3 Guest
I love the depth of character you bring to your stories. And your way with words is absoutly enthralling. I can't wait for more chapters!
2/21 c3 Guest
Just found this story and am enjoying it a lot!
11/15/2019 c3 TifaIris
Finally an Escaflowne STORY so Real and so close to the original Anime Character. Is exactly how i imagine their reaction! Finally a story without the tipical begininng about "Hitomi and Van that betrayed each other", your story is so real that i can't wait for the next chapters!
Good Job!
10/25/2019 c3 2Meghanna Starsong
Sorry it took me a bit longer to read Ch.3. XD My over all impression is that the chapter is strong, though it could use a small tweak in places.

I like your idea of delving into a male perspective during this chapter's love scene, as it shows him taking responsibility for meeting her needs and that he also enjoys pleasuring her. It's also not the kind of love scene you see much of in Esca, so kudos there! :D

It was also nice to see the breakfast scene between the trio, as it solidifies their status as a new family. What we find out, a possible Celena/Merle pairing, I find intriguing too. It's good Van and Hitomi are both learning to trust and function as a team. I can totally picture her wanting to help him with all the backed up paperwork as a coruler.

I would suggest tweaking Merle's "Wash your mouth out" comment as it's jarring after a love scene. We all know her sarcastic sense of humor, but a toned down version like a knowing smirk may fit there better. Likewise, Hitomi's "Don't touch me" seems aggressive for a minor squabble.

Garrett sounds like a royal arse, literally, and I'm sure he's going to cause drama in Fanelia before Van settles the score. I will enjoy watching the king smack said cousin around a few times in retaliation for those antics.

Well done chapter! Look forward to the next.
10/17/2019 c2 Meghanna Starsong
I like how you characterize Van through his hands, that his gloves are not only functional but necessary to hide his vulnerability. It's a fresh idea, and I like how it plays out in this story so far. The love scene is also fun to read from both perspectives. It's good that the secret of Hitomi's missing Earth clothes was solved too, as I would hate to see the newly weds fight. ;)
10/10/2019 c3 39Luin-fanel
I'm really, really sorry, I read this chapter the day you upload it, but, I couldn't have a chance to write a review until now.

First of all, what a figth, it remember me my own fights with my husband, hahahahaha, at least, they two have a "happy ending" for that one and no a sad one... until Van's cousin clap for "the show", what a disgusting man! really! Garret deserve a good punishment!, maybe a few "unintentional" cuts during a sparring match with swords? or a good kick in the ass, I don't know, but really, I don't know a lot for this character and I hete him a little! But, ok, I need to admit it could be really funny write characters like this one, the audience can hate and love them, all at the same time.

About the lime, I think it was beautiful, I love reading it, so real! and beautifully written! poor Hitomi, so near to the end when that horrible and despicable man interfer!

Well, is all for me now, thanks for share and good luck all this month and the next one too.
Read yaa soon!

10/3/2019 c3 5YouAndMe4ever
Love it! Can’t wait till the next chapter!
9/30/2019 c3 9Miniclio
And so end the honeymoon phase... well he did get a clue about what he did wrong and how to amand ! Van is making progress !
So a new character appear... And no one punched him yet, which may happen in the future. I mean he barged in and act like a gold medal prick here. I know you can't choose family, but here he is pushing his luck. Who does that ?! I'm sorry for his wife... for now.

Something don't add up with the reports Van got, but i can't tell if the goal is to seize power over fanelia, or if it's a plot to get Van killed, or starta new war somehow.

The story is getting deeper by the chapters, i hope to read more of it.

(If given the chance Hitomi will probably slap Garrett)
6/30/2019 c2 39Luin-fanel
Really, how I didn't read this before?
I think in fairy tales, lots of them finish in a weding as a form to end childhood, then they can apart adulthood but Who want an adulthood tale as a Child.

The first chapter and the begining of this one bring me some sweet memories, thanks for that.

By the way, that memory about the bath was funny, I visualize Hitomi walking fast completly angry all the corridors and the entering to Van's bathroom without thinking about what she was doing, hahahahahaha, brilliant.

So, what could we expect next? Merle playing pranks to Hitomi? stupid discussions between Van and Hitomi? more of that callouses hands without gloves? mayor some confusions in the Middle of a conversation? you know, sometimes one is talking with sonroje form another para of the country and don't understand something ir misunderstand what the other is saying because of the idioms, so, what would you expected with people from different worlds and cultures?

And thanks for the PM, :3 I really appreciate It!

6/27/2019 c1 2Meghanna Starsong
Sorry that it took so long for me to review this story. (Health, traveling, blah lol) But I was very happy to reread it and certainly enjoyed this fluffy lemon! It's a nice view into their intimate wedding, a beautiful wedding night, and also how their relationship is growing. I will have to read on to the next chapter to find out more juicy details ;) Another good story. *applauds*
6/25/2019 c2 440four
Cute as always, especially the flashback of when Hitomi bursts in on Van in the tub. I, too, rather enjoy the flip flop in perspective.
6/19/2019 c2 Vhosek
I really enjoyed seeing this from the view of Hitomi and getting a glimpse of how her feelings had grown and matured for Van! I look forward to the next chapter!
6/19/2019 c2 Guest
Great chapter ! I enjoyed reading Hitomi s point of view
6/16/2019 c2 9Miniclio
It's nice to get both perspective, and with this chapter we can see Hitomi settle in Fanelia. It's nice and relaxing to read.
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