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2/19 c17 ccandy
Saeldur.. Errgghh. Is he even an elf? Stressful. It's like running in circles. If he were my friend, i would stayed away from him. He is disrupting my mental health. One time he is fine, but other times, with little provocation, the anger, hate, and regret he felt reappear. Rinse and repeat. Crazy...Candnaur died because of Saeldur's own stubbornness, not because anybody else. When will he realize that? Nevertheless, your story is good as usual :D
3/17/2023 c18 Guest
I know I'm very late, but the Morning of Our Days introduced me to your wonderful writings, and I must say that I've enjoyed them immensely. I've gotten so invested that the last chapter made me cry. Everything you've written is very beautiful, and you have a gift.
1/16/2022 c19 Guest
Thank you for this sweet bonus chapter. I love getting to see these unpublished scene and to see how you think as a writer and it’s just simply a pleasure to get more of anything you write in this universe.
1/16/2022 c18 Guest
I am so sad to reach the end of this saga…but I am so happy I found these stories and got to read them. What a wild & crazy ride! You are an amazing story teller. The world that you weaved is mesmerizing and highly addictive. :) Thank you for sharing these stories. They will always be some of my favorite stories on this site.
1/16/2022 c17 Guest
A moping Saeldur is a bit comical. :) I love that the only person to finally get through to Saeldur is Gimili.
4/19/2021 c19 38RoboTitaness
Don't mind me just rereading all of your LotR stuff. I hope you're doing well, with what the condition of the world is. Your fics managed to brighten up my day, the only thing to do so in weeks. Thank you for writing such wonderful pieces. I hope one day you'll write some more LotR stuff. Your world is prob my favorite interpretation of Tolkien's work!
12/27/2020 c19 Cloudyday19
I really love your Lord of the Rings stories. The friendship between Legolas and Saeldur is really great.
8/24/2020 c19 Guest
I know you said that you would have more stories coming and that everything has been really messed up lately so I can understand if that won’t work out, but you’re a really good writer and I love your stories so if it is possible for you to post any more I’d love it. Hope you are well with everything that’s happening recently. Keep writing.
7/26/2020 c1 Guest
Hey I just read all of your stories for lotr in a week and I loved them all. Please keep writing. I really loved your ‘Míron-arc’ especially. If you could somehow manage something like that again I would love it. Your stories are great. Le hannon.
5/27/2020 c19 firepoppies
THIS REVIEW IS SO LATE I AM TERRIBLE I AM SO SORRY! It is especially appalling considering how many times I have re-read these cut scenes, which are as brilliant and enjoyable as all of your amazing LOTR fics! I loved reading every single one of these scenes, but I will now shriek about my favourites below:
*the flashback with Arbellason catching Legolas after he snuck out made me want to clutch my chest because I just love them and their relationship so much? Arbellason became one of my favourite OCs of yours at some point, and I loved getting an insight into his relationship with Legolas, and his teasing of Thorontur and Thranduil was so delightful (I forever LOVE that trio and their friendship). I also laughed out loud at Legolas' almost-squeal when Arbellason caught him!
*the scene where Saeldur brought Legolas back during Betrayal made my heart hurt- Thranduil's love and worry for/over Legolas will never not make me emotional, and I loved seeing Thranduil's softer side and him comforting Saeldur.
*I LOVED the scene with Eowyn, Aeroniel and Rochendilwen- seeing Eowyn with the elves is always a delight and I am SO excited that you are planning on writing more fics with her and Faramir with the elves! I absolutely adored the story about Lindariel too- I know we haven't seen her in many of your fics, for sad but obvious reasons, but I absolutely love how you can see both her and Thranduil in Legolas. Have you ever perhaps considered writing a fic where she is reunited with Legolas and Thranduil in Valinor? ;) I would definitely cry but I would also die of happiness!
*the scene where Legolas is injured by Arahael HURT- Legolas essentially taking a bullet for Saeldur despite everything that is going on makes complete sense because of course despite the hurt and pain he still loves and would die for Saeldur (I am FINE) and Saeldur's line about his honour obviously being worth less than Legolas' life brought me physical pain. Seeing this scene from Feredir's perspective would have been super fascinating and painful too- he is also such an interesting character and I adore his friendship with Legolas!
*the final scene both destroyed and revived me- will I ever be over the friendship between these two? Literally never ;) Saeldur dropping the cloak over Legolas' shoulder was so sweet, and I love how Saeldur clearly knows how to coax Legolas into opening up and that Legolas trusts Saeldur enough to be able to talk to him, even after everything. It is such a relief to see that they are still so close after the events of this extremely stressful fic, and I always love some good hurt/comfort!
Thank you for posting these wonderful cut scenes and giving us all a fun distraction! I cannot wait to read more of your LOTR fics, and I hope you (and everyone who ends up reading this!) are doing well and staying safe during this crazy time!
5/19/2020 c19 11Horsegirl01
I loved reading the cut scenes, as it gave me more content to enjoy! I truly loved the finish of this story, and how Legolas and Saeldur make amends at the end. I have so much enjoyed following along on this long arc. It is one of my very favorites, and you remain one of my favorite writers on here. I hope you will consider writing more about Legolas in the future. I find very little I enjoy reading anymore. Thank you for the many pleasurable hours of reading you have provided!
4/12/2020 c19 Violet
Thanks Jedi Sapphire - that did take my mind elsewhere for a few minutes. Hope you and yours are safe and well.
4/10/2020 c19 SnidgetHex
Thank you for this beautiful gift in these difficult times!
And please, stay safe as well!
4/8/2020 c19 7L.A.H.H
Thank you for uploading these., they are excellent, especially this final scene and the one in the halls with Arahael. Thanks for writing and stay safe
4/8/2020 c19 Kitty037
The last little story between Legolas and Saeldur is my favourite. Saeldur is probably my favourite of your created characters. It would be net to read about when they first met and their younger years. By the way, how do you visualize this character? I have read all your LOTR stories but don’t remember a lot of his physical characteristics. Either way I love your stories and they have provided me with entertainment through many years.
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