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for The Prince of Fools

19h c8 Guest
I still hope for a happy resolution to the characters' problems. I can't wait for the rest of the story - it's written beautifully. Please, don't abandon it.
Hope you are well.
6/8 c8 Guest
Please, next chapter
6/3 c8 just a reader
This is so beautiful! I admit the ending of this chapter made me cry. I hope there'll be more soon.
Take care.
5/30 c8 Wingless Blackbird
This story is very well done
5/23 c8 Guest
Please next chapter!
5/19 c8 7Azkadela
Hello this is so good! I can't wait for more xxxxx
5/14 c8 Quiennie
Can I do a cómic for this awesome story? TWT I Will Be waiting for the next chapter.
5/13 c8 Guest
It is so awesome this chapther, im so happy for this chapther thanks!
4/29 c8 Sara Henion
This should be your main story
4/27 c8 Guest
I just read this chapter for the third time today! Thank you for it! I'm particularly fond of the scene with the boat figurine setting sail. It was so telling - both as a symbol of freedom and as - for me, at least - a summary of Quasimodo's personality - his beautiful, sensitive and childlike but wise nature. He's so clearly the one who really understands Agnes. I hope that the latter will figure out what she truly wants from her life and her future husband (if she is indeed to get married one day), and that she will learn not to care so much about other people's expectations.
Keep up the great work! :)
4/27 c8 2Heart of the Demons
Thank you for giving this fic an update. I felt all the emotion from each character throughout the chapter. Your writing style is as sharp as ever.
4/27 c8 134Invader Johnny
Agnes/Esmeralda's wedding dress shopping took an unexpected turn and a good one thanks to Quasimodo, unfortunately it came with a bitter Sweet ending for her day.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
4/17 c7 Guest
I truly love this story, the characters, their interactions as well as how the plotline looks in given circumstances. For me, "The Prince of Fools" could easily stand indepently from the 1996 THOND movie.
I hope you're still interested in this work, as it's been several months since the last update.
2/6 c7 Linda
Hello, i am new in fanfiction, and your story is so fantastic. Please u nedd to continue this.
Now i am your fan. 3
1/24 c7 Guest
Please continue this, I know that you are continue your other stories, this is my favorite
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