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6/7/2020 c1 16HisagiKirigakure
Aww no. This killed me all over again.
Gin. Trying so hard to get Sousuke to remember.
Aizens manipulation and mocking.
Very well done sisterwolf. This was wonderfully written.
I need to read more of your work. And I will though don't know when.
6/20/2019 c1 11timewaster123456789
*snicker* disappointed with the results
Verse canon issue in decimated Gin reminds Aizen that he created the 'sun'
'the concern was not' this line just says so much.
'a joke only he knew' ah you capture Gin very well there. 'Pros and Cons' Aizen too, well done.
'hide behind humor' haha you accidentally tangled something that hasn't even been posted yet.
LOL you nailed Aizen's discomfort with Gin's intimacy.
Ah yes Gin did have a good teacher :(
'Not alike in ways that matter' because Aizen as he is here wouldn't have been burned in the first place?

Oh ah disregard my note on canon, well played.
Oh Gin explaining sun and the you write his body language and inflection is perfect.
'Maybe they were nothing alike' aww
hmm Aizen seeing touch as control I may have to play with this.
*snort* Aizen's reaction to the foot in mouth comment is gold.
You write chessmaster!Aizen so well. *nods approval*
'Nips this in bud' section I like the way you so subtly touch on the hidden weakness and neediness RE:game. You have a deft hand indeed.

[this] should be 'things'
'Could do with some complications' hahahha that's great.
'So little to break' oh damn all the echoes there holy shit.
Hmm 'even broken puppets had their strings' I really like this line. Making a note to tangle it.
'Skin deep sympathy to the hollowness beneath' lovely line from a straight writing standpoint and fucking magnificent once you include all the tangle.

[if it all it took]
'pulled stars from the sky' ah it sounds so absurd when you put it like that. You really have Aizen dialed in.
6/2/2019 c1 140TheDrunkenWerewolf
First of all I am so proud this is so well written and are you sure you havent read the rest of the series because this ties into everything SO well! Secondly EXCUSE YOU who gave you the right to make me feel these thing- oh yes right that was me XD

You've brought Aizen full Cycle. This is how he is in the beginning, before Gin *is so proud* He's cold and calculating and everything Voice has trained him to be, and its such a testament to how much being with Gin had changed him as a person. I love it.

I also enjoy his thought process. 'not long enough for concern' to 'okay enough for a little concern', and then as things progress hes always thinking about how he can use the situation to his advantage. Aka Aizen being Aizen.

'Aizen never paid him much attention' this hurts me as Aizen paid him all the attention... Gin was the center of his universe.

The Hinamori smile goddamn. Esp after the affair with her thats painful, and Gin being treated like less than a piece of dirt here just ow.
'alike but not in the ways that mattered' Im just gonna go cry in a corner because I know all their history together and just how alike they are in all the ways that do matter.

I appreciate that he actually tries to recall the sun. If theres any redeeming thing about him here its that he actually tries to recall.

'sparks should be flying at the touch. There were none.' I love this line but at the same time ouccchhhhhh. Shows just how much shared history has been wiped. There are supposed to be ALL the sparks. As an aside this is a perfect contrast to how he is when he wakes up after the Grand Fisher battle. There hes really soft an loving and needy here he just... isn't.

The 'mess of a man before him' section flows really well and s really nice.

'I married YOU?” hurting me with my own line... brava. Or is it touche? So nice to have the other POV for this line. He's all amusement and incredulity like “what? TF I married you!” the implication he wouldnt even DEIGN to look at Gin smacks hard. Especially so since I spent a good long time establishing that Gin is insecure about his failings and worried about being enough for Aizen, and Aizen seeing past all those and loving him anyway. You earned your mug today :D

“The idea i'd be distracted by you is downright insulting...” just smash my heart with a sledgehammer, its fine XD Again painful for reasons mentioned above.
Aizen being like “shit” for all the wrong reasons here is perfect. Gin just there losing it and hes just plotting his next move.

'Aizen could do with a challenge' are you Quite Sure you havent read the rest of the series, particularly Game and Tired Old Game? The tangling of those two fics here is real.

'oh good he could speak' such cruelty.

'A gentle let down.' Aizen there is no such thing as a gentle let down you can give Gin here.

That bit about Gin seeing through to the hollowness beneath is lovely because Gin knows him well enough at this point to know illusion and falseness from reality. Such a nice touch there.

And the ending Mmm this gives me such fuel for the remastering :) It's going to be interesting indeed. Thankyou for writing this I enjoyed it, my heart is in the right amount of pieces. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go write some fluff.

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