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17m c5 SoundVenom
I like it.
30m c4 SoundVenom
Ua begins
35m c2 SoundVenom
Makes sense
45m c1 SoundVenom
6/21 c2 Guest
Gonna be real here, there are WAY too many spelling/grammar errors for me to want to keep reading this. I think that you should strongly consider going over the early chapters again, and getting a proofreader if you haven't already.
6/21 c4 Digitalreaper360
Who need heroes when we have zero pointers right?! anyway great story here
6/19 c2 Derraj
I only have two notes for this chapter. The first is for the first chapter as well and that is to look into getting someone to proofread the chapters before you post them. This will help fix a lot of the spelling and grammar mistakes in your work. The second note is that the villain that Izuku mentioned All Might fighting was called Toxic Chainsaw not Venomous Chainsaw. Other than those two minor issues this is shaping up to be one of the best quirkless Izuku fics I've read. Keep up the good work.
6/17 c8 Navarone
Ah, the Coon.

Eric Cartman wearing a fucking superhero/racoon costume
6/4 c4 12helrio uzugaku
Just some commentary here. A lot of people really don't like the idea of Aizawa's test but from a heroes standpoint it's completely reasonable. The fic itself is up to 15 or so chapters now so this might be a little late to say so bare with me.

From a standard highschool point of view, the test doesn't make sense at all. Because it isn't fair, it works against everything you've learned through the last several years of schooling and if the school were normal it would be a sure fire way to get horrible ratings on the quality of learning. The standards are unrealistic in the larger school community.

But it's a hero school, it's partly mentioned that it would be the height of cruelty to let hopeless kids continue a dream that will never be. What isn't said it would also be the height of irresponsibility to sign off on their continued education. At the end of their time in UA the students are officially granted the freedom to open their own agency, go underground and use their quirks freely to stop crime. This puts them in danger. A school's upmost priority is the health and safety of it's students. So yeah, it makes sense a hero school will have to look out for potential flight risks, mental, emotional and physical stability and disabilities that could potentially interfere in hero work.

I personally would like to see each of the teachers having some qualification in psychology just so they can keep an eye on their student's mental and emotional well being through their time there. Monthly therapy sessions to go over possible grievances, concerns they may have for the direction of their education, stuff like that. Morally Aizawa was in the wrong when he said there wasn't time for frilly niceties. Complete disregard for the potential flight risks that could be in his class and he chooses to test them first to see if they have even just a bit of potential? Becoming aware of potential flight risks should be the top concern of all the teachers before those risks become aware of their attitude being unacceptable in UA. It gives them a reference to look back on in case of something going wrong in the future with these vital students.

I'd love to see some more focus on the more mental side of heroics, the side that goes unseen and unmentioned.

But so far I like the fic, I really do.
6/2 c15 RubixJr
That was a good story. I like it
6/2 c15 dlmauricio19
God work
5/30 c7 Zooming Avid Reader
Good think Shigaraki turned that arrow to dust. I could totally see it also having some tracking features embedded in it.
5/30 c1 Zooming Avid Reader
I thought Clint Barton was a retired and old batman for a second there lol
5/29 c15 1EJthe24th
I love the fact that you put Soul Eater and Big Hero 6 characters in this.

I also like how you you're coming up with new ways to help Izuku improve himself. I think this could help with auto-reflexes and help improve his speed so he can reach Hawkeye, Lila, and Eraserhead. I can't wait to see what will happen next
5/29 c12 1Rodaani Stone
is midnight gai's sister YOUTHHH
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