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8/19 c19 Fanboy 316
Oh no, King Ghidorah gonna wake-up next chapter. And I have a feeling that Godzilla will sense that and HE's not gonna like it. Anyways since Ryu Himura finally appeared hopefully the Avengers or the Justice League gonna assist Monarch dealing with Monster Zero. Not only that, but the Jaegers of the Pan-Pacific Defense Corp gonna make an appearance as well.
8/13 c19 Totong
And now we see the Orochi Commander finally makes an appearance. He's really enjoying his dastardly handiwork across this merged world. To make matters worse, King Ghidorah is already awoken. The Living Extinction Machine gonna make this merged crumble. See you at the next chapter! Onwards true believer, excelsior!
8/9 c19 Guest
execelente historia
8/9 c19 Skull Flame
Red Bamboo is ready to take advantage of the reigning chaos, and has Jonah on their payroll... What an interesting development.
8/8 c19 GODZILLA1996
8/8 c14 Wolf Mike
Hey I got a Wolf Titan called Okeneba.

Name: Okeneba

Height: 211 feet (64 meters)

Length: 364 feet (111 meters)

Weight: 50,000 tons

Location: Quebec, Canada

Name: The name “Okeneba” comes from Native American mythology. Okeneba is depicted as a monstrous wolf who was called the devil of wolves and its known to eat humans.


Gliding: Okeneba has retractable skin membranes between his legs that allow him to glide and fly like a flying squirrel.

Quill Projectile: Okeneba has a large row of porcupine-like quills on his back and tail that he can shake off and use as projectiles to shoot or impale at enemies.

Durability: Okeneba’s hide can withstand most conventional weaponry such as gunfire, tanks or missile strikes.

Strength and Combat: Encountering with this titan can be fatal. Okeneba is a highly dangerous titan, it has powerful jaws with sharp teeth and a bite that has enough force to crush bones and steel. It also has sharp claws of clawing down titans. Despite being very violent, reckless, bloodthirsty and unpredictable, this extremely feral, ravenous and carnivorous titan will repeatedly bite the head or neck of any titan. Okeneba will tackle titans much larger than himself in combat without thinking twice. If Okeneba manage to survive, he has the tendency to learn from their experiences and will exercise caution in the future. This perverse form self-preservation of this titan to becoming a most effective killer. And in the end - killing is all that matters.
8/7 c19 1Kaiju-O Danny
Hey man! Great to have you back in action! And boi, ain't that Godzilla/Gundam story is sure intense and story-getter.

Anyway, I do wish you luck on more future chapters for this story, 'cause it still have potential.

And also, will you continue that Injustice 2 DLC Roster, Godzilla X RWBY: Remnant Kaiju Assault, and Kong: King of Remnant story?
7/17 c18 Fanboy 316
Oh damn! Chapter 18 is fantastic from start to finish and I couldn't for the possible follow-up in chapter 19. Especially for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I mean remember the giant mutant turtle that steals Komodithrax's egg in the Godzilla the Animated Series. I would ironic that turtle would appear and help Leo to escape New York. Anyways I'm looking forward for this continuation especially possible involvement of the Pokemons. Since there is a possibility that the Pokemon world got merged with the Monsterverse I want to see the Pokemons to be macronized just like those animals that going rampant in New York in this chapter. Or possibly some of these Pokemons following Godzilla as sort of underlings/friends. If you do that, here are some proposed Godzilla's pokemon partner: a Gardevior, a Hatterene, a Misdreveus, a Lopunny, a Furret, a Zangoose, a Houndour, a Aggron, a Salamence, a Primarina, a Braviary, a Lilligant, a Pinsir, and a Golurk. Also I to see Giga Mermaid in this story. Or a possible appearance of Mecha-Musume just redesign her as a Gothic Lolita doll. Anyways, just keep it up!
7/8 c18 DinoZilla
Oh boy, this IS mega-crossover definitely worth reading. There are so many potential stories and events especially the merging of worlds into the Monsterverse. For example, every Isekai MC manage to return into their worlds only they found later it merges into one Earth. Ainz, Rimuru, Diablo, Naofumi, Mamako, Maple, Subaru, Kazuma etc. would have a major headache and stress how to handle this situation not to mention the rampaging kaijus in this one earth. Then there's the Xenomorph threat itself. If you read the Alien comics there's a Queen Mother that is almost Kaiju size. It would interesting how the Xenomorphs gonna affect both kaiju, it's inhabitants, the megafauna and macrofauna of this one world. And don't forget the Code Geass world. It's gonna interesting how the Britannians gonna act in this merge world. Especially if they will let go some acquired territories like Japan because of this kaijus. Or how they gonna fight Gorgo. Now that's one fight want to happen. But the one thing looking forward to is seeing Red Bamboo having their own chapter. Seeing Red Bamboo being mentioned a couple of times in this story I want to see them action in pursuit of restoring nature thru their eco-terrorism scheme. Like releasing the D.R.A.G.M.A. into this merge world, collaborating with NGIN to create Indominus Rex II now kaiju sized and any other nefarious schemes they're planning. And seeing theme as the number one threat in this merge Earth, the Justice League, the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., Overwatch, Earth Defense Force, and every known hero faction as well as the villain and anti-hero faction wil try stop them. Anyways looking forward for the next fantastic chapter. See ya!
6/14 c18 Totong
Hmm...needs more Inhumanoids, that robot from Iron Giant, Nancy Archer from the Attack of the 50 foot woman, Buraki & Imoogi from D-War, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, the monsters from Bakugan, the giants from Jack the Giant Slayer & BFG, the dragons from Reign Of Fire, the trolls from Troll Hunter, the "titans" from Attack on Titan, the monster from Dinoshark and you're good to go! Anyways keep up the good work! Onwards true believer, excelsior!
5/13 c16 8Darkscythe Drake
I'm glad you chose to return to this story. Will you be releasing the Code Geass chapter next?
5/13 c18 2winterwolf23543
Oh crap these chapter is mega crossover!
I want continuation of this lmao!
5/12 c18 354godamora
Chaos all over!
5/12 c18 DarkPugLord23
Oh man, with all the chaos going on, one can only imagine what kind of damage Shin Godzilla could cause.
5/12 c18 Austin
Ok that was a really awesome chapter, and I gotta say gojigrimlock it was a long one too.
Also happy belated holidays.

So gojigrimlock I hope everything is ok with you in terms of real life stuff, and also of the coronavirus.

But next upcoming chapters can we please more chapters that are mainly scene chapters and not info chapters.
Because I really do see potential kaiju rampage happening in of say Pokemon due to that kaiju are an actually inspiration to the creator of pokemon.

Another idea is of Hero 108 where the inhabitants of hidden kingdom as the forces of big green and high roller don't even realize that their little war has awakened a few titans who are not happy of the ruckus, and also are not happy of high roller trying to pull some bullshit on them by lying say of how humans are bad, and want to go war with the animals when actually the humans and animal kingdoms had a great peace together.
I can actually see Godzilla, Kong or any of the titans that can fit with of hero 108 theme so to speak will actually not be amused of this so called war, and due to being very old super species they will see the war between animals, and humans as nothing more than a child's spat in the back yard, and they are the adults ending it.
And high roller's head will perhaps be on the chopping block because of the whole mess being started by him, and godzilla or any of the titans will make sure he will cause any trouble for anyone humans and animals ever again...permanently. their roars and snarls can be translated by ape truly leader of big green who is a man(monkey) of peace, and knows that the titans especially the king will not allow any threat to still live, knows not to argue with them.
Due to of the fact the animal kingdoms greatly respect and admire the titans due to perhaps they are either their gods, or perhaps very ancient ancestors so they must treated with the high most respect.
Plus I can imagine lin Chung one of the main protagonists and also an artist through painting will most likely be enjoying sketching the titans especially the likes of mothra, and godzilla in terms of how majestic they look.
The whole two seasons of hero 109 is on youtube, and is free in case you want to take a look for yourself of the cartoon.

Another chapter(s) idea is perhaps of Tarzan the disney animation meeting of titanus Kong if he is ever passing through his jungles.

Good luck on the next chapter, and hope it comes soon, and hope you stay safe, healthy from the coronavirus.
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