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7/10 c42 Guest
She's kind of mean towards Paul I hope they can be happy for once! I'm so annoyed with bella and hope she gets better friends than her, since she is the reason for her getting hurt
7/8 c42 Guest
fadsjfaljsdkla finally! ugh i love them sm
7/8 c1 Guest
Love it so much they need be happy and together!
7/7 c42 Guest
fdjkalfhdsalfdsla finally! so excited to see how a romantic relationship unfolds for them! and as always i die w the end quotes lmfao tysm for writing it was gr8!
7/9 c42 10Love.Fiction.2020
FINALLY! They kissed, looking forward to more.
7/9 c42 brankel1
7/9 c39 Love.Fiction.2020
Love it
7/9 c33 Love.Fiction.2020
Will Paul and Ava get together?
7/9 c32 Love.Fiction.2020
Likin the story
7/9 c1 kathleen-whitefield
I have literally been reading this story for a year now and I still check my email regularly for when you update! Loveeee
7/8 c23 Love.Fiction.2020
7/8 c21 Love.Fiction.2020
liking it.!
7/8 c12 Love.Fiction.2020
liking it.
7/7 c42 AshleyMarieD
FINALLY! I actually was re-reading the story today when you updated (perfect timing). This is certainly a super super super slow burn but I’m here for the ride! The only thing I didn’t like on the re-read was Ava’s reaction to her injuries. I sense that it was due to the worry and shock of the overall battle but it would have taken her two seconds to just clean her wound. All and all though, this story is super well thought out and I’m sooo happy to get to such a milestone moment for Ava and Paul!
7/7 c42 Guest
I LOVE THIS STORY :.) honestly, I love how you insert Ava organically without messing up the story. Paul and Ava are so cute, Jacob and Ava’s friendship is so cute, Bella has always annoyed me but I don’t mind her in this story, and I love how the story focuses on Ava and how she relies so heavily on other people.

I really hope she figures everything out and she finds herself.
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